Friday, January 21, 2011

Post for Weekend of 1/22-23

Hello All,

As we discussed in class, just name the song (and artist) you plan on analyzing for our first out-of-class essay.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post for January 21 (Homework)

For this post, follow the same procedure as the group-blog, but this time work as individuals to analyze one Thomas Allen photograph.

What themes does the photograph evoke or portray? How do Martin & Munoz use symbols and archetypes to convey that theme?

Make sure to use three quotes:
one with an introductory phrase;
one with an independent clause and colon;
one with pieces incorporated into your own sentence.

Post for January 19

Today's post is a group-post, so make sure to include all your names at the beginning or end of your post.

1. Choose one photograph from Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz's series titled Travelers.
2. Write a paragraph analysis of that photograph in which you answer the following questions:
a) what is the photograph about/what theme(s) does the photograph convey?
b) how do the artists use symbols and archetypes in order to evoke/convey meaning in the photograph?
3. Your analysis must use three quotes from Ariadne's Clue:
a) quote with introductory phrase;
b) quote with independent clause and colon;
c) pieces of quote incorporated within your own syntax.