Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post for 9/16

On page 42 of Ariadne's Clue, Anthony Stevens writes,

"Many of the symbolic rituals devised by our ancestors rose out of the anxieties that inevitably afflicted human beings living in the environmental circumstances in which our species evolved [. . . ] Our capacity to find symbolical means of dealing with these fears is one of the most striking characteristics of mankind.  When in need, we seek symbolical expression as well as practical fulfillment of those needs." 

For this blog post, describe one symbolic object you have (or used to have) to help you deal with a fear.  It could be a good-luck charm you carry, a pair of lucky socks you used to wear for the "big game," or the stuffed animal you used to need in order to get to sleep at night.

For example, I carry a medal of the Virgin of Guadalupe and a Turkish evil eye bead in my car in order to keep me and my family safe from all the hazards of the road . . .

Monday, September 12, 2011

Introductions (First Day of Class)

Hello All,

For our first entry, post a brief introduction about yourself: your major, career plans, favorite novel, and so on.