Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog for January 20

Hello All,

For Wednesday's blog, divide and classify the artwork/photography on the walls of your room or home; this should be a short paragraph.

After you have broken these items into categories and labeled/described each category, try to take an objective perspective and answer this question: What do these items seem to imply about your life and self?


  1. In my room, I have only one painting. This painting is of a sailboat. The colors on the painting are very dark and gloomy. I also have 2 posters which are made out of bicycle playing cards. One poster is mostly black while the other is mostly white. Both posters also include random images.

    I believe that the painting of the sailboat pretty much represents my life. As the sailboat goes with the flow of water and wind, as do I. I am not a person who has a one track mind. I go along with the way things are, and hopefully I choose the better path. The colors on the painting represent my current emotions, as I feel at times gloomy and depressed.

    The posters represent my abstractness. I like different things. Different thoughts have come to mind in life, as I wonder why things are the way they are. As the posters include various colors and images, I am also considered different and weird to the eyes of others.

  2. In my room, i only have one framed picture that hangs on the wall among other framed pictures that are not hung on the wall, instead they are on my dresser. This particular picture on the wall is of my boyfriend and I. Its both of us smiling infront of a white background wearing the colors green, brown, and white. The photographer posed us in a way where my Boyrfriend is hugging me and my laughter at the time of the picture was captured.

    i believe this picture represents a part of my life that makes me happy. The expressions on our faces represents the happiness we both bring to eachother. The colors in the picture (green, white, and brown) i believe could represent the growth our relationship still needs(green), the innocence in our love (white), and brown well i'm not to sure about hopefully something good. =)Also, this is probably the only picture up on my wall because its the first professional photograph that my boyfriend and i take. It represents the future that awaits us both.

  3. christina Blair said...

    I have only two pictures in my room on the wall. One of them is a picture of a young girl with short, dark curly hair, and an angelic looking face. She is wearing an elegant green dress with white lace and is holding pink flowers.

    I believe this picture resembles the purity and innocence I possess. It also represents my nature of being a sweet person that likes to dress up and have good clean fun. The second picture is a black and white of Audrey Hepburn.

    In this picture, Audrey Hepburn is posing with her hands underneathe her chin. The picture is capturing a blank stare with intensity in the eyes. This represents who I am in the sense that I can be quite mysterious and even shy. I can have a look about me where people think I'm looking right through them. Also, I am a classy individual and a bright, level-headed person, like Audrey Hepburn illuminates. My life is represented in this photo because there are times I am unsure of things, yet I am true to myself no matter what life brings me.

  4. My room is still under construction, but there are a few posters that signify meaning to me. The first picture I have lodged in my room is a Beatles poster. It is in pure black and white with George, Ringo, John, and Paul walking down the streets of Liverpool. They're all wearing two piece suits along with smiling faces from their delight and success music has brought them.

    The second picture is hanging in the living room. It's a picture of my entire brothers and sisters, we're all descently dressed. the background is set in a lively aesthetic way.

    I'd say these both of these pictures represent some aspects of my life. The Beatles poster would signify my overall taste and inspiration for my music today, both my listening and playing (guitar and piano).
    The poster of my bros' and sisters each represent a part of my personality, which there are five. My younger sister Rosy represtents my inner child, my brother Joser,of 21, represents my rigidness and toughness, Cesar, 23, is my careless, outgoing attitude towards life, Miriam, 26, is my sincering and heart, and my older brother Jhonny, 28, represents the professor in me, always figuring out the world.

  5. The 2 main pictures that stand out in my living room is a painting of a lighthouse. The lighthouse is white and its surrounding is the waves splashing against the lighthouse. The second picture is of my family and I at Santa Monica Beach. We are standing right in front of the pier.
    The picture of the lighthouse can symbolize so many things, but to me the lighthouse represents me and the waves represent negativity. All in all no matter what stands my way I will not give up on anything. The picture of my family and I at the Santa Monica Beach represents a place where we can enjoy our day with each others company. My family and I love to go to the beach so that is something we have in common.

  6. My wall in my room is blank and baron; there is no art work of any kind just plain eggshell colored, textured plaster on wallboard. There is one small wall lamp, very plain, and dim. There are two stickers, one in English and the other in Spanish, describing how to use the phone. Below the stickers there is a shelf holding a low budget Magnavox T.V. and my portable printer. On the T.V., the Weather channel is describing the storm rageing out side right now, rare for Bakersfield; and discribing the plite of the poor people in Haiti that survived the devastating Earthquake. They are asking for donations to help them with food and water so that they might continue to survive. I am tempted to donate, but I am currently concerned about my own survival as well, as I find myself at the lowest point in my life, recovring from a devistating brain injury in the form of a stroke; living on my own for the first time in 26 years, Tryying to go to school fulltime and work, no small feat for a normal person, little lone a stroke survivor. These bararon walls represent my life, baron and empy; cold and lonley, with only a small hope for the future! I find myself wondering if I will ever be happy again.

  7. In my room there is one large decorative picture on the wall by my mirror, two small framed pictures on shelves by the window, and a framed picture on my nightstand.

    The wall picture is very coloful and it contains different shaped flowers. Each of the flowers are unique in their own way and while most of them are made of pink and peach tones one small blue flower is alone to the side. This is a very bright happy painting so I would hope that someone looking at it knowing nothing about me would glean that i am probably a bright, cheerful, optimistic person.

    The two framed pictures each sit on their own shelf one on top of the other. The top painting is a sketch of London in black and white. While the details are clear, it is a very raw picture that almost seems unfinished. The one below is the same style but the picture is of Paris. Someone may deduce that these are places that I want to visit or have visited. Also, in looking at the rawness of the pictures they may think that my life is unfinished with much left to be accomplished.

    Lastly, the picture on my bedside table is a picture of my boyfriend Michael. From seeing that he is the only picture of a person in the whole room someone would believe that he is the most important person in my life and that I love him very much.

    Thinking about what these pictures say about me and my life to an observer, makes me realize that they are very accurate depictions of my real life and my true emotions. I like to think that I am a positive person and that I do have a lot left to accomplish in my life. Michael is definitely the most important person in my life and I would be lost without him. It's very interesting to me the things I learned about myself from evaluating my own personal belongings.

  8. Victoria Valencia

    The things posted on the walls of my room are not very plentiful, but they consist of a calendar, a certificate, a card, and a picture.

    The calendar is from my job and it has the schedule for all of my meetings and off days marked on it for the month of February. It is rather plain and was printed on a piece of white, 8x11 inch computer paper by my boss. The writing is in bold black letters. I think this implies that I have to plan ahead for things and that I have a busy schedule.

    The certificate is one that was given to me by my church for the academic achievement made by me from last quarter. It is very nice and looks really authentic. There is a big gold seal in the corner. This implies that I am a very hard worker, and school is very important to me.

    Next there is the card that I made on the computer to give to my boyfriend telling him how much I care. The words that it contains are deep and meaningful. Some are silly and meant to put a smile on his face. I think it represents us perfectly. I believe that the card being up on the wall implies that we care a lot about eachother, and that he is a very important person in my life.

    Last but not least there is a small picture of my 4 month old cousin. A huge smile filling the face, of the happiest looking baby you have ever seen. You cannot look at the picture and not smile. I love it. This picture shows how much I love her. She is very dear to me. Its funny that I never put much thought into it but when thinking about it I have realized that things on the wall are a really good representation of my life.

  9. In my room there are four pictures and a large collage. The first picture is of my mother, my three sisters and I. The second is my father, my three sisters, and I. The third picture is of myself leaning on a tree in front of a river. The collage is randomly placed pictures of everyone in my immediate family. The first two pictures represent the love my sisters and I feel for each of my parents. The third picture represents my independence, love for nature, and love of adventure. The collage most definitly represents the randomness of my family and the fun we all have together. Overall, my pictures represent the love and good times with my family, as well as my sense of adventure.

  10. Reshona Ross

    In my room I have three posters one of Bob Marley and the other two of Johnny Depp. The Bob Marley poster is very large, with various little pitchers of Bob Marley and his life that make a collage of a bigger portrait of Bob Marley himself. This poster uses very dark colors, predominantly black and hints of other colors, such as reds, greens, and etc. One of the Johnny Depp posters is of him playing the piano as if lost in his music with the sun shining next to him. This poster has a very light feel to it, and comes off soft. The other Johnny Depp poster is of Johnny Depp on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine. This poster compared to the other two is very straightforward and kind of boring. There is little color on the poster, and the colors on the poster are very bland.
    The Bob Marley poster implies my culture, because of the area he is from and the music my family predominantly listens to, which is reggae. It also implies my connection to my culture. The fact that the poster is a collage with each pitcher neatly placed shows that I’m a person that values order and neatness. Also that their are different parts of me, and that there are various parts in my life that make up who I’m, such as the different pitchers at the end come to form the face of Bob Marley himself. The dark colors used in the pitcher may imply that I’m a very serious person and very private and to myself, where as the hint of colors represent how random I can be. The first Johnny Depp poster of him playing the piano represents a softer and warmer side of me because the colors used in that poster are lighter. The poster also implies that I’m a mellow/ laid back person. The hint of the shining son implies that I’m an optimistic person who treys to always look on the brighter side. The second Johnny Depp poster where he is on the cover of Rolling Stone represent a part of me that likes attention. How the poster is simple and straight to the point represent how not flashy I’m and how I don’t like to beat around the bush. The three posters on my wall really represent what type of person I’m.

  11. In my room I have three paintings hanging on my left west wall. Two paintings were given to me as a present and they represent happiness and freedom to me. They are both beach artwork and have bright blue colors because it's my favorite color. The other painting is a dolphin artwork that I bought at a gallery in Laguna Beach. The dolphin symbolizes adventures and traveling for me. For the past two years, I’ve done some traveling that I can relate to this amazing animal.

    Additionally, I have lots of pictures of most of my traveling I’ve done. All these pictures represent good memories and fun adventures I’ve done in my life. I have pictures with friends that I’ve shared smiles with and that are special people to me.

    If I was to walk into the room, I would think that an adventurous person lives there by seeing all the pictures around the room. She is an adventurous person by all the places she has visited and the skydiving pictures as well. I would be able to tell that she loves the beach and her favorite color is blue. Lastly, I would think she is a lively person because of all the bright colors around the room.

  12. The art and photography on the walls of my house seems to fall into three major categories: portraits, landscape photos, and paintings. The portraits consist of family members either as a whole unit or individually ranging from my brothers and dog Francie to great grandparents who I never personally met.
    The landscape pictures are of old family houses or pieces of land that the owned during their lifetime, and are all old black and white photos. The paintings are by Leroy Neiman (I had never noticed before that every single one is by Neiman), and all capture a sporting event or sports figures. After looking at all of these things on the walls of my home I can see that they imply a feeling of love and family. They seem to remind us about the importance of the never-ending love for one's family, and the importance of cherishing the time we have together. The paintings seem to show off the brightness and happiness of life. The joy of being active, and allowing yourself to be inspired not intimidated by the actions of those more well known than ourselves. All of these things seem to capture the essence of love, family, and the importance of appreciating every single day of the short life we have here on earth.

  13. I have one album that is hanging on the side of the wall in my room. The album has a light bluish-green color and has interesting artworks. In the album, there is an autograph I had received from the artist and an accidental drawing of a squid which was originally suppose to be something else.

    The reason why I looked at the album first is because I generally like music. If I were to describe my personality in relation with the album, then I would say that it associates with the bluish-green background color of the album. I perceive the two colors as compliments, because they seem to easily blend together without losing much of each color's true identity besides a taint of yellow. So, the calmness and modesty of my behavior is what shaped my mellow-like personality.

    I also could somehow compare my life to the drawing of the squid on the album. When I see the squid, I imagine the squid to be swimming smoothly through the green-emerald like sea. Even though the drawing of the squid was originally a mistake, I believe the outcome had resulted from creative thinking that is best suited to the situation. So, I would say that my life sometimes takes sharp turns, but I would respond with optimism, and I would seek other alternatives.

  14. Esther Moreno Said.......

    In my room I have nine pictures framed up on my wall. All of these photos are of me and my husband. The first photo is of us in Manzanillo, Mexico at a club. The second photo is of us at the beach. The third picture is of us at a friends wedding. The fourth photo is of us on a sailboat on our hunnymoon. The fifth is a picture taken in Las Vegas. The sixth photo is a trip we took to cancun. The seventh picture is a photo taken at a loby of a hotel we stayed in Cancun.Our eight picture is a picture taken the day of our wedding at the reception. And the last picture is a picture of us at a friends party.

    If I was another person walking into my room. This is the first thing that they would notice. The pictures on the wall, because this is the only thing that I have on my walls at the moment. First, they would notice that we love taking pictures. Second,we love to travel especially to the beach. And we are full of life, adventurous. Most important these pictures represent who we are and they also represent our love and the great times weve had together.

  15. In my living room there is a portrait of Frida Khalo, "The NUDE WITH CALLA LILLIES, painted in 1944, by a mexican paiter Diego Rivera. The painting contains Frida's picture, she is nude, and is sitting down on a mat, where she is showing and holding a great bouque of lillies on a basket. The flowers are white and have thier green stems as the real lillies are. Frida's nude body is as women are.
    In my point of view, this painting represents breaking of the silence, norms, morals, and traditions impossed by the government at that time.Then, the lillies, promote the hop for those who lost their families and their belongins in war. The Frida's body may represent the liberty to speak and to act without press from government.

  16. There are pictures of some of my favorite moments in baseball history hung on the walls of my bedroom. Also bolted to the walls are my high school diploma and AS degree. On shelves, I have medals and trophies from various sports I've played.

    These things may imply some of the success I've had and some of my favorite memories. It could also be that I think tangible objects are the only thing worth striving for. Or, quite possibly, inspire me to accomplish more and fill the blank areas still left on the wall. Yeah, there's room for at least one more diploma.

  17. Marisol Ramos says:

    In the dining room is a wall in which two art canvas pieces hang beside each other parallel to the dining table. Each art piece is has a bold word written and then defined by three definitions. The first art piece reads gourmet in bold writing and one of the definitions reads: “someone who understands and appreciates fine food”. The second art piece is the word connoisseur also in bold and one of the definitions says: “expert: an astute judge in matters of fine or domestic arts or somebody with a discriminating taste in such a specialty”. By the observation of the art pieces it appears as though I have an appreciation for food. I enjoy trying new food and like to share the experiences with good company gathered around the dining table.

  18. Ingrid Borja said...

    My black wooden bookshelf is crowded with books, loose music sheets,and dictionaries in different languages. Within that I have an open shelf where I keep two of my favorite photographic memories that occurred in the last year. There is a rectangular brown frame with a rough texture. In the frame there is a photograph taken soon after the birth of our daughter, our first family picture with our new bundle of joy. Our smiles are radiant with life and awe as we show our little 5 pound and nine ounces baby with a pink hat and her beautiful shiny eyes looking up to the camera, wrapped in a white blanket with blue and pink stripes across the top.

    Along with that photo, right along the side I have a picture in a leopard purse frame, of my husband and I at the snow, The photo is bright and full of white covered trees. My husband has a black beanie with a green coat and I have yellow beanie with a bright blue scarf and brown furry jacket to keep warm. Our smiles are big and wide full of laughter and fun, because we had just got done sledding down the mountain.

  19. Sara De La Torre,
    The walls in my home are overall bare. The exception lies within the importance as well as the quality of the item. The only picture that is hung on my single living room area which happens to be connected to my formal dinning room happens to be a $10,000.00 picture frame from my engagement taken by Valdophy Photography. the actual picture was part of a wedding packet that I chose for my wedding, that is why I say it cost so much. I consider myself to be one of the most down to earth person you will meet, yet my fixation to make a good impression has innocently captivated me. If I don’t like it I won’t buy it, but if I like it I buy it! for this reason I work go to school and take care

  20. What stands the most on my room is a picture of my friend and I. This picture always catches my attention because ythe frame is designed with Christmas themes. The frame has ornaments drawing and candles.The picture also has red borders. Our picture was taken from a garage home. The background is the white wall of the home. In this picture,you'll see my mustard yellow coat and my white scarf. Whereas my friend is wearing gray and black sweater. In this picture, we smiled as big as we can. You can see happiness in our eyes.

    This picture represents a big part of my life. The smiles from our eyes represents the happiness of our friendship. It also represents the laughters we had share. The white background represents the purity of our personality. The drawing of the frames reminds me how important Christmas in our life. We share a lot of similiraties, that is we both love Christmas and is our favorite holiday of the year. The red border of the of the picture represents our love to each other. Nevertheless, this picture of us in the garage will always remind the laughter we had in this house and the excitment of other people that were present at that time. It will also remind me of the song we've dance to. The photograph will remind me that I will always have someone to lean on whenever I'm felling down. The friendship we have is very special because we are there for each other and considers ourselves sisters. This is why this picture is a big part of my life.

  21. by Kayla Rodriguez
    The categories are friends, family, vacations, and postcards. The category of friends are mostly of my good, very close friends. Very few are of distant friends,but were closer than they are today. There are pictures of my family, mostly my mother and father. Vacations are of my summer vacations I have taken to different beaches, and the postcards are of the places that I loved. These categories of photographs imply that I value friends and family. In all the pictures I am smiling and having fun with my friends and family which might show that I am content and confident with myself. They may also demonstrate that I love spending time at the beach, since the majority of the pictures are at taken at different beaches.

  22. In my room I have a number of pictures, There are a few with my best friend, some with my sister, and a few with my dog. Then i have a large framed black and white picture of Florence, Italy, it's the only piece of art work in my room. I Think the pictures i have in my room represent my favorite people, and specific moments that were captured. As for the picture of Venice represents a goal in life I have, and that's to go to Italy one day. I love the black and white color scale because i think it captures the beauty of the city lights.

  23. Kandice Edwards says,

    i have one picture on my wall with other pictures surrounding it. This picture indicates my childhood & livelyhood. The picture on my wall is of betty boop. I really dont care for her but she was the theme in my room i just havent taken it down. It represented my youth & now its time to come down.

    The pictures surrounding it is of myself, my fiance, and my little sister. These pictures shows a different side of me. It shows that i care for those in my life, and also that i like taking pictures.

  24. The two categories I decided to write about are family photos and artwork. In my family room, I have several framed pictures of my entire family: parents, siblings, brother in-laws, neices, and so on. Some pictures were taken during family gatherings and others are holiday photos. Each picture captures a moment in time that is very special to me. The artwork is very colorful and all three are abstract paintings. Two pieces are painted in various tones of blue and green with a bit of white and grey. The other is bold with hues of red, yellow, orange, brown, tan, and green.

    These items reflect my love of color and family. My family is the center of my existence. In them I find peace and acceptance which is represented in the color blue which symbolizes peace and tranquility. Green is traditional. I consider myself to be very traditional. A bit of my personality is captured in the colors brown and red. Brown is solid and down to earth,where as red draws attention and encourages confidence. I have a strong sense of self that is derived from my family. They are my foundation in this chaotic world we live in.

  25. My room is fairly empty; there is only my bed, clothes, and a few boxex of personal stuff. I have not got a chance to make the room my own. It's really bare. The only other personal stuff is my golf clubs in the corner and my golf shoes right next to them.

    If someone was to look at my room they would think I was somebody on the move; not setteled. Maybe even just staying for a few days or weeks. It would look to an observer that I was staying at a hotel.

  26. Kathryn Snow said...
    I am in the process of moving so I will be writing about the pictures that are on my facebook account.
    The pictures can be broken up into Four groups:
    that of Family, Friends, Self, and Nature.
    The pictures containing family are generaly at events, such as a birthday, a wedding, or a concert.Though there is one random one with my mom hugging a Christmas tree!Then there are the pictures of me and my friends. These pictures are from a rafting trip we took on the Kings river; we are sunburnt but all smiles. There are a few solo pictures of myself,or of my tatoo.The last categorie is that of Nature. Randomly I take pictures of clouds, rainbows, or any act of nature I find singularly beautiful.
    If I were to look at these pictures as an outsider I would believe this young lady to be extremely diverse. Judging on the amount of pictures that are marked as 'family' I would believe her to be remarkably close to them.The next largest categorie is 'friends' so this subject must be only next to that of family.After this is the categorie of 'nature' and this girl must really love to be outside. Perhaps it is odd to take pictures of clouds or snow-but it is a way to remember something beautiful.The pictures of ones self are fairly normal when one considers that they are on Facebook:)
    In truth my family is number one in my life.Friends are treated as though they are family. I enjoy nature, and would love to spend most of my time in it.As for my self? Well its a work in progress...

  27. Michael Contreras

    My room has no pictures or any type of art work. So will be dividing and classifying my room.
    When you enter my room you will noitce my tv becasue its the main focus in my room and you will also notice how messy my room is. I have books(chemistry,bioloyg,physics,math), papers(random bills and notes), clothes,empty water bottles, and paintball ball items all over my room. From an outsiders view it would look like I'm a very unorganized person who is active and hardly home because clothes are just thrown on an office chair and there are books and papers every where.

  28. There are three posters, two antique plaques, one painting, and approximately 30 pictures held by two wrought iron scrolls. The posters consist of “Flaming June” by Museo de Arte de Ponce and two elongated glass frames holding dream-like graphic art. The Japanese plaques are hand carved and painted and depict a man and a woman in traditional attire. The painting is done in reds, depicts a woman on her side trailing her fingers in water, and was created by a local tattoo artist. The pictures are personal photographs done over the years.
    I would assume that if a person were to view all of the above they might think me a dreamer and traveler. I believe they would come to this conclusion because the painting depicts a woman who looks as if she’s in a dream, the poster “Flaming June” is of a woman asleep, and the other posters depict only things that would be found in dreams. The plaques and personal photos would give an impression of worldliness or travel because the plaques are an obvious Asian theme and my photos depict quite a bit of traveling. They could also assume by way of the dreaming and traveling themes, that I like to escape or prefer to be elsewhere than wherever I may be.

  29. In my room I have a frame with a poem from my sister, I have a handmade piece of art from a good friend, and I have pictures of my friends and family.
    The framed poem was given to me as a birthday gift from my sister and it symbolizes our great bond as sisters and friends. The handmade art work was given to me by a good friend, it symbolizes our High School years that we were friends. The pictures of my family are the best times we have spent at the beach, two of my favorite things combined. The pictures of my friends are of great times we've spent hanging out at our houses.
    The items that are in my room imply that I am a warm, and kind hearted person. I love the people that I surround myself with and value their worth. I don't need luxuries to be happy, friends, family and nature are all I need.

  30. Evangelina Sanchez
    In my room there is a picture that my best friend and I took when she invited me to a wedding, and then on top of my jewelry box there are minature figurines: a crystal angel and Winnie the Poh holdig a red ballon in one hand and in the other a mug of hunny.
    The picture of my best friend and me represents how much I value our friendship and the memories of our childhood and our adolecence. The minature figurines symbolize the special occations in which they have been given to me and they also represent the people I love: my sister and my mom. I think that the fact that the figurines are minature symbolize a lot, because that means that my mom and my siter think about me and that they want me to think about them every time I see this figurines. Overall, these objects represet a certain aspect of my life and of how much I value small things in life.

  31. Amanda Patrick

    Um, my house walls are pretty plain, except for the kitchen and dining room. In the kitchen I have paintings of coffee cups and cafes. At least five are just coffee cups :). What can I say? I love coffee. I wanted to do an Italian style theme in my kitchen, maybe add some wine paintings. In the dining room there are two abstract paintings that I did myself. One is of a tree in the fall, and the other is just colors that match the other painting.

    I'm not sure what this says about me and my personality.

  32. In my room, I have a fabric memory board. I could easily add and remove photos by slipping them between the ribbon and the board. The color of the ribbon is sky blue and it matches my room. Many believe that the color blue represents sadness or it is a boy color. Blue is a calming color and it represents the sky and ocean. On the board, I have pictures of my family and of my soccer days during high school. I also have a medallion hanged on the board.
    My mom has her children’s high school senior photos hanging on the wall in the living room. Everybody notices the photos when they enter the living room because the photos are 24 x 36. The photos represent our adolescence days and we could see how much we have grown as a person since then. I have a nine year age gap from my brother and sister so it is interesting to see how they look like during their adolescence days. My dad teases me because he says I haven’t changed at all. :)