Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for January 22

This post is easy:

Find five poems from Poem in Your Pocket you enjoy, and explain why you enjoy them. Just write a sentence for each poem.

For example, I like Donald Hall's "Self-Portrait as a Bear" because sometimes I feel fat and lazy and like to sit in the sunshine, too.


  1. Sara Teasdale’s “I Shall Not Care” because on one hand it touches on the relationship between the dead and bereaved, on the other hand it’s insulting “more silent and cold-hearted/Than you are now”.
    John Clare’s “Lines: I Am” because it begins in a depressingly alone manner, “I am the self-consumer of my woes”, but ends on a happy note even though he’s still alone.
    Louise Gluck’s “The Red Poppy” because to me it speaks of how the heart is always the first to be given away and then one has to rely on their mind because their heart got shattered, but that that is what it means to be human.
    Ben Jonson’s “His Excuse For Loving” because through the instance of falling in love when you’re older, the appeal will be of “language and the truth” instead of looks, money, or youth, but I like the end the best “If you then would hear the story…/All the world for love may die”.
    Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Grown-Up” because when we’re children we want to have the privileges of an adult, bedtime for example, but Millay makes the point of when you’re an adult, the privileges and such aren’t nearly as exciting.

  2. Evangelina Sanchez
    I enjoyed Watermelons by Charles Simic because it give a perfect personification of a watermelon.
    Letter by Mark Strand because this poem give me a feeling that this is how writers, such as scientist, critics, editors, etc. get their ideas through the hands and minds of people all over the world.
    Meat by August Kleinzahler because this poem makes a great connection with the urban and suburban life.
    Spring by Edna St. Vincent Millay because April can have two interpretations: it can be one of the months of the year or the name of a girl.
    The City in Which I Love You by Lit-Young Lee is an enjoyable poem because even though the themes of loneliness and need are present in the beginning of this poem, the theme of hope gives a completely different perspective to the poem.

  3. Esther Moreno Said...
    I like Philip Larkin's "Home is so Sad" because it reminds me of my house. How it stays all alone, nobody is home for long periods of hours and how people may come and still and take our belongings.
    I enjoyed Gary Snyder's "Avocado" because it seems like its describing the avocado inside out but in a way the author is making you think before you eat it.
    Also, William Butler Yeats "A Drinking Song" because to me it's saying that if you drink wine you'll have a great time.
    The Poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson "Why he was there" to me this is a person who is close to death and is suffering, but others such as family disbelief that this is happening. This reminds me of one of my family members went through.
    I also liked Louise Gluck "The red Poppy" because to me it talks about our heart and how we give it to someone and then they shatter it without caring.

  4. I like John Clare’s “Song” because it reminds me of a fairy tale, and there are times when we all like someone and hide it. I like “The Heart has Narrow Banks” by Emily Dickinson because through figurative language she is describing what love puts people through, sometimes it is rough and sometimes it is calm. I liked Derek Walcott’s “The Fist” because I liked how he used pain in a positive sort of way, because love is painful but we continue to love. I liked the poem “Red Means” by Victor Hernandez Cruz because red is described with different images of what might come across a persons mind when they think of red. I liked “The Reassurance” by Thom Gunn because it relates to how most people want to make themselves secure when they lose someone they care much about, and how that individual will always be with them in their dreams. I like John Clare’s poem “Lines “I Am” because he is telling how alone, and miserable he is and how he as given up on life by using dark language and in the last six lines he gets softer and more optimistic about life even though he is still alone.

  5. Gustavo Reveles'January 21, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    I enjoyed William Butler Yeats' "A Drinking Song" because it cleverly associates wine and love perfectly.
    I also enjoyed Michael Ryan's "Consider a Move" for reasons that it reminded me of how I felt when I moved away to a new place.
    Terrance Hayes' "Wind in a Box" because he continually repeats the words "this", and successfully retains each word's powerful message.
    Liam Rector's "The Old Man and the Motorcycle" because the message he sends is very compelling. If one is close to death, then one should go like few do, enjoying the ride.
    Grace Palye's "Fear" was also excellent because living in a city truthfully depicts how vulnerable you are in the world.
    John Keats' "The Human Seasons" because Keats does a wonderful job of characterizing the four seasons in humans.

  6. I liked Shakespeare’s poem “From You Have I been Absent in the Spring” because Spring is my favorite season and by reading the poem I was able to smell the flowers odor.
    “DSS Dream” by Martin Espada is a funny poem I liked because a man had a baby, a goat, and a pig living in a two-room apartment which I think it’s insane.
    Also, I liked the poem “Games with Children” by Susan Stewart because of the rhyming and tongue twister for me.
    Additionally, I enjoyed reading the poem of “Afternoon on a Hill” by Edna St. Vincent Millay because I was able to picture myself sitting down on a hill under the sun.
    Lastly, I liked the poem “Child on Top of a Greenhouse” by Theodore Roethke because it talks about horses which are my favorite animal.

  7. Ingrid Borja said...

    I enjoyed "You Cannot Put a Fire Out" by Emily Dickinson, because the poem can be interpreted as one wishes, for example a fiery passionate love that will not let nothing quench it's flame.

    Charles Simic' "Watermelon" is short and sweet, and defines what I see when I eat some watermelon.

    Elizabeths Arnold' " From The Reef" reminds me of sundown at the beach, while lovers walk side by side for a romantic night.

    " A Drinking Song" by William Butler Yeats, has a neat way of expressing how one cant truly taste, or know the truth of love as one can drink wine, because love comes in at the eye.

    "Grown up" is perfect, and I enjoyed this poem because it completely depicts what I wanted when I was little, and all for what? It was great being a kid.

  8. I like the poem "the old man in the motorcycle" by Liam Rector because sometimes when life gets tough i also dream of being younger when things seemed more simple. I also enjoyed the poem "water raining" by Gertrude Stein because i like the irony in how precious water could be but also how devsting it could be too. I liked the poem "afternoon on a hill" by Edna St, Vincent Millay because i also like to just observe my surrounds before i make a move or feel comfortable. I also liked the poem "Summer in a Small Town" by Linda Gregg because it reminded me of old summer loves that people have or that ive seen in movies. I especailly enjoyed the poem "A map of love" by Donald Justice because i believe you can see the love people have for eachother and the history in all their imperfects of their face.

  9. I enjoyed the poem "The Heart has Narrow Banks" by Emily Dickinson because it describes how fragile and precious love is.
    I liked the poem "Since Feeling is First" by E.E. Cummings because it made me think of how our hearts are not always logical, but that it can be very fulfilling to listen to what your heart is saying.
    "What the Dog Perhaps Hears" by Lisel Mueller is incredibly descriptive. I liked it because it provided an interesting point of view.
    The poem "The Wound" by Ruth Stone reminds me of nightmares I have of being in a car wreck.
    I liked "Watermelons" by Charles Simic because i've never heard a large fruit being compared to Buddha, and that is an interesting image.

  10. I enjoyed reading the poem "Catch" by Langston Hughes because it was a cute story about love between the fisher boy and the mermaid. He was very confident to marry the mermaid with no questions ask. Another poem I like was “From Twenty-One Love Poem” written by Adrienne Rich. I liked this poem because it explains the different phases we face when fall in love or love itself. I like this poem because it makes me think about the phases I had to face to find true love. The poem by John Claire called “Song” was another favorite of mine. This remind me of my teenage year when I have to hide love from my mom. “I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love” by Christina Rosseti is far one of the cutest and romantic poem I’ve read. I like her poem because her words reminds me of how importance love is and shows me that when you’re in a relationship, you and you partner must show devotion, trust and love to each other. I like this poem because it describes the strength of my relationship with my boyfriend. Lastly, “Hula” by Ron Padgett was one of the poems I enjoyed because I too like doing crosswords and love to visit Hawaii to smell it fresh sea breeze and flowers.

  11. by Kayla Rodriguez

    I liked W.H. Auden's "The More Loving One" because it uses stars and love.
    "The Dream" by Louise Bogan was also interesting to read because the poem tells a story about someone's fear.
    I enjoyed E.E. Cummings's "Since Feeling is first" because the overall theme of it suggests to the reader to follow their heart instead of their brain.
    James McMichael's "Bell Pepper" is fun to read because of the title, and it does not seem to relate to the content of the poem.
    Ron Pad's "December" is even better to read because it is short. It consists of two lines. I didn't even though a poem could consists of two lines.

  12. The poems I enjoyed reading was " A Glass of Water" by May Sarton because it describes how water makes you feel after a long day; it will make you feel better. " The Reassurance" by Thom Gunn was a good poem too because it describes how someone who died appeared into their loved ones dream to reassure them that they are doing all right. Another one I enjoyed was "Afternoon on a Hill" by Edna St. Vincent Millay because it describes a place where I would want to be when I want to get away from everyone. I also enjoyed reading "December" by Ron Padgett because that's all you want to do in December is sleep, since it's cold outside all you want to do is stay indoors to stay warm. "Why He Was There" by Edwin Arlington Robinson was a good poem because it says how a persons spirit shows up in his room when they want their loved ones to see them but disappears when they are not.

  13. "The Wound" by Ruth Stone
    I feel that there is some painful memories I can't erase, but at the same time I don't want to forget them, because these memories shaped me who I am.

    "Samurai Song" by Robert Pinsky
    I like this poem, because it brings out the feeling of optimism and confidence.

    "The Human Seasons" by John Keats
    I like the analogy it makes between the four seasons and a human life-cycle.

    "Spellbound" by Emily Brontè
    I enjoy how nature was used to describe the mood of the setting. It feels immersive.

    "The Trees" by Philip Larkin
    I think this poem is deep, because it shows an interesting aspect about deception.

  14. I like "Wintery Mix," by Peter Gizzi because it reminds me of the weather we have been having.
    "I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love," by Christina Rossetti was interesting to read, i like how its about how love isn't only about one person, it should be completely unselfish.
    "The More Loving One," by W.H. Auden was a fun one to try and figure out the meaning. It's actually very sad, loving someone that would never love you back, but to have them at all is something you'd rather have then not have them at all.
    In "The Fist," by Derek Walcott I Found the poem to have a deep meaning, I think it describes someone who closes themselves off from sharing things with others, and when they're on the brink of getting close to someone, they get scared and close themselves off again.
    I found "Why He Was There," by Edwin Arlington Robinson to be pretty sad, we've all experience the death of a loved one, and seeking the same comfort from them in their death as when they were alive is bittersweet because it's something that can't be felt again.

  15. "Since Feeling Is First" by E.E. Cummings
    I like this poem because it depicts the beauty of love.
    "Consider A Move" by Michael Ryan
    I was intrigued by this poem because the author did a good job in making the reader feel the despair of the character.
    "Samurai Song" by Robert Pinsky
    I like the poem because it deals with trials that are part of everyone's life to some degree, yet, it's empowering.
    "Why He Was There" by Edwin Arlington Robinson
    This poem reminds me of when my grandfather died.
    "The Wound" by Ruth Stone
    I liked it because everyone can relate to this poem in some way.

  16. I like Christina Rossetti’s “I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love” because it reminds me of a couple growing old together and their love still growing strong.

    I like Gary Snyder’s “Avocado” because chips and guacamole always puts me in a good mood at my favorite restaurant in San Diego.

    I like Elaine Equi’s “Ciao Bella Chocolate Sorbet” because it reminds me of a hot summer day going to Dewar’s and getting a banana split.

    I like Matthew Rohrer’s “Poem” because it makes me think of a relationship coming to an end and one loves lost.

    I like Claude McKay’s “ The tropics In New York” because it reminds me of winter break and a girls trip to New York City laughing and sipping on champagne.

  17. Michael Contreras
    "You cannot put a fire out" is a geat poem expressing how someones passion for a certaint study, hobby, desire, etc. cannot be put out if they want it bad enough.
    "A song in the front yard" describes how childeren always want to grow up too fast, and how parents always have to show the childern that they'll grow up when its the right time.
    "A Drinking song" is a great poem becasue it shows how easy it can be to fall in love...its as easy as taking a drink of wine(for the 21 and above).
    "DSS dream" is a comical poem that made me laugh becasue Social Services think that a pig is more sanitary than a goat.haha
    "December" i like this poem because its short but shows that sleeping in a cup asks the question...what kind of cup?

  18. "Erotic Energy" by Chase Twichell is an interesting poem because it talks about people learning courting rituals and practicing them as children. It also talks about people being like plants in defences.
    "Samurai Song" by Robert Pinsky is a good poem because it talks about independance. It talks about nothing being for certain and you have to depend only on yourself.
    "Warning" by Taha Muhammad Ali is a sad poem because it warns people to stay away because his love is not worth the effort.
    "The Wound" by Ruth Stone is very visual. I like how it goes into detail visually about how words can weigh so heavy on our minds.
    "Spellbound" by Emily Bronte is interesting because it reminds us how fragile and helpless we are against nature.

  19. Roxanne Martinez
    I enjoyed George Meredith’s, “From Modern Love” because this poem seemed like the antithesis of what love means. Usually love and marriage is portrayed as glorious and romantic. The poem describes a love that is mechanical and deceptive.
    I liked reading Emily Dickinson’s, “A Little Madness in the Spring” because it seems like she is trying to convey that life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. That even God could be with a clown and madness doesn’t seem so terrible.
    The poem “From Games with Children” by Susan Stewart is cute because it reminiscences of a sing-song child’s rhyme that kids sing when they play.
    I was fond of Rae Armantrout’s poem “Dusk” because it seemed so enraged. It seems as if the author refuses to compare himself to an alone spider.
    My favorite poem is by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s, “People Getting Divorced” because the tone seems so devious. As if he is watching a couple from afar, who are getting a divorce, going their separate ways. Also, the structure of the poem itself is so sporadic and chaotic just like how people feel when they get divorced.

  20. Kathryn Snow writes
    Better late than never..
    I enjoyed "I Go Back to May 1937"-I too have had the same sentiments about my parents reationship and agree with the line: "but I dont do it. I want to live."
    The second poem I enjoyed was by William Butler Yeats- "The Song of Wondering Aengus". Yeats gives wonderful visual discriptions to nonliving entities.For example:"moth-like stars were flickering out..."
    A third poem I see others enyoyed as well was "From Games with Children". This poem by Susan Stewart reminds me of simpler days playing red rover with my friends during recess.
    The fourth poem I chose was "Animals"- it speaks of a time without spedometers and cocktails were made of water. I dream some times of going back to when time was so simple.
    And my fifth selection was William Shakepeare's "From You I Have Been Absent in the Spring". It is his 98th sonnet and talks about how during the Spring everything is young and wonderful.However, without his love all of the beauties loose they're affect and seem to him as if it is winter.

  21. I enjoyed poem "Nest", from Marianne Boruch because it remains me how I feel when I passed time out of my house and I return to it. One feel as if evetirhing is better in life inside of home.
    In the second poem, "Cutting Green" from Lucille Clifton, I related the content with the my daily acrtivities when I start cutting vegetables to make a soup.
    The third poem "Paradise Motel", I associated the message with the date when I had to take my son to California City, to get his licence clase "A", and we saw several police officers around the Hotel and we did not stay there because we were scared unknowing the reason why they were there.

    The fourth poem "The Guests" by James Tate, I enjoyed it because it made me to remember a date when someone invited me to her house to celebrate her birthday. I saw people relly stranger, and no one presented himself to others, I felt shy with everybody there in my friend's house.

    "The More Loving One" poem from W.H.Auden made me enjoy the message, because it recalld me when I was young, that my boyfriend was giving me several poems of love.

  22. Victoria Valencia

    I enjoyed the poem "A Map of Love" by Donald Justice because I think it is really romantic and sweet.

    I also enjoyed "A Song in the Front Yard" by Gwendolyn Brooks because it reminds me a lot of how I feel as far as getting bored with doing the same things a lot, and wanting to try new things.

    The third poem that I enjoyed was "The Old Man and the Motorcycle" by Liam Rector because I love the story line behind it. I always find stories like that extremly sad and touching.

    The fourth poem that I chose was "Lines: 'I AM'" by John Clare because it reminds me of a poem that I might write when I'm feeling sad or down. It seems a bit overdramatic and that's how I can be at times.

    Lastly, I chose "The Taxi" by Amy Lowell because it also reminds me of a poem I would write in that situation

  23. Jessica Cooper

    I enjoyed reading the poem "Home is so sad by Philip Larkin" because it really emphesized the idea that home is where the heart is.

    I also enjoyed the poem "Loft" by A.R. Ammons because it conveyed the simplicity of living in an empty space. It makes one appreciate the things they have.

    Robert Pinski's "Samurai Song" is a message of hope and optomism. I really enjoyed this poem.

    "Avicado" by Gary Snyder was also a great poem because it reminds me of guacamole which is one of my favorite foods.

    Finally "A Good Time" by Yehuda Amichia is an interesting poem because it seems as though the author is talking about finding joy in possibly bombing someone. This poem was a bit disturbing, but interesting nevertheless because it causes the reader to look deeper into its content and context.

  24. Marisol Ramos

    I enjoyed reading "Summer In a Small Town" a poem by Linda Gregg because it reminded me of the summers I experienced growing up in a small town.

    "Avocado" a poem by Gary Snyder compares the fruit to a person's soul. I really enjoyed this poem because it illustrates how one's soul is unique and untouchable.

    The poem "A Drinking Song" by William Butler Yeats reminded of the enjoyment I experience drinking a smooth glass of red wine.

    "The Hungarian Pastry Shop & Cafe" poem by Anne Pierson Wiese reminds me of the mornings I enter a busy Starbucks and there are people preocupied with their cell phones, laptops, or simply other people.

    Philip Larkin's poem "The Tree" reminds me of the spring when trees are coming into full bloom.

  25. “The Human Seasons” because I like how the author compares a man’s mind to the four seasons such as a man’s pale misfeature in his winter.
    “The Trees” because I like the line “Last year is dead, they seem to say, Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.” It reminds me of a New Year resolution; forget about what happened in the year 2009 and start off fresh this year.
    “One Is One” because I feel that people could relate to this poem because everyone either has been bullied sometime in his or her life or has been a bully.
    “Warning” because it reminds me of someone who is very happy and confident that nobody could bring him or her down. I like the line “Don’t aim your rifles at my happiness, which isn’t worth the price of the bullet (you’d waste on it).
    “White Dog” because it reminds me of my ex. As much I loved him and cared for him I had let him go. There was no going back and it was best for us to go our separate ways.

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