Friday, February 5, 2010

Post for Monday, February 8

For today's post, you should have read "Archetypes and Repetition" in Eliade's The Myth of the Eternal Return.

1. Explain (in your own words) what Eliade means when he refers to "Symbolism of the Center."

2. Describe one or more symbolic centers that are important to you and your life.


  1. When Eliade refers to "Symbolism of the Center"he is talking about being closer to heaven/the gods. "Symbolism of the Centers" may also refer to the beginning stages of life on earth, and where that life began. Eliade may also be referring to symbolism of the center as an object, or place that plays a vital role in life. In ELides explanation of symbolism of the centers he refers to religion and what places, temples,and etc are important to that specific religion.

    A symbolic center that is important to me and my life is my home country, Guyana. The reason why my home country is so important to me is because that is where most of my family reside. Also because the country is part of me, that is where i was born and lived for a part of my life. My country Guyana is also important to my life because it makes me who I'm, being from their has made me more appreciative of what I have.

  2. (1)"Symbolism of the Center" as referred by Eliade, can be explained as a fixed, spiritual place where one takes refuge for harmony and peace. A place where the individual becomes one with him/herself.

    (2) I'd say there is a couple of symbolic centers' that signify a lot to me. One of them is my passion for music. I think that there isn't a day that pasts without listening or playing my music. At times when I feel out of place, I just turn to my piano or guitar, and play my mind out. Another symbolic center in my life is my religious faith. I believe there is someone or something spiritually divine out there, that I know I am close to.

  3. 1. “Symbolism of the Center” can mean a meeting place as specific as a mountain or a church; the important thing to note is that this place creates an internal spiritual response. This may be somewhere people meet with their God or where temptation can catch them. As with most archetypes the “Symbolism of the Center” can be found universally and is recognized by the common unconscious.

    2. A symbolic center that is important to me is the church camp I grew up attending. This camp is up in the mountains and I have been there for about a week each summer since I was six years old. The fond memories I cherish from summers spent there and the relationships I have built have shaped me into the person that I am today. I found faith and love at this place and was truly blessed by some of the experiences I endured. This place will always call me back and now I look to this camp as a place to take my children someday so that they may grow and learn in this place as I did.

  4. When Eliade talks about the "Symbolism of the Center," he is referring to the different ideas of the meaning between our understanding of what our own center would be. Such is true, as we try to understand a place where we desire to be. Whether it be closer to god or the devil or to find comfort in life, that is the "Symbolism of the Center.

    An important symbolic center for me would have to be my hometown, Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines. I barely remember much from that place, but I do know that it was a place that I could actually call home. I still have family there and I have memories, good and bad, that are my own; that is what make it so special.

  5. According to Eliade, “The Symbolism of the Center” refers to a place that has meaningful meaning to many cultures. The symbols represent people’s belief and devotion to their own culture and their ancestor past. For many culture the symbolism of the center is a new beginning in life. As Eliade (2005) states, “temples,” “palace,” etc are example of symbolism of center (p. 12).

    One symbolic center that’s has a meaningful meaning in my life would be the house I grew up in the Philippines. My house in the Philippines will always bring me joy and laughter of the past. Even though my house was not a big house in the Philippines, this will always bring reminiscence of the childhood I had in the house and the entire storm that my house went through. The house will forever remind me of my hometown and my culture. It will also remind me the fun gathering of my family during holidays, like as: Christmas and New Year. This house will be forever in my heart to bring me smiles when I go back to to my hometown.

  6. Michael Contreras

    Eliade's "Symbolism of the Center," can mean that the center is the most important place in which a person feels most himself. the center is the persons heaven on earth. This can be anything a church, a home, a car, a playing field, etc. A person will find their center here because it is most sacred to them and they feel that nothing can come between them and their happiness.

    A symbolic center for me would be my house. I can do as i please be me and not worry of whos watching me or judging me.

    Another symbolic center for me would be the paintball field. this is wear i feel most free. it doesn't matter what is going on in my life good or bad once i get geared up and step on the field i feel level, free, and like a king when i know im not. Paintball is my heaven on earth.

  7. "Symbolism of the Center" refers to any sacred space that holds meaning for a person.

    For me, my symbolic center is church. My faith gives me a sense of purpose.

  8. By Sara De La Torre
    According to Eliade, “The Symbolism of the Center” refers to a "primitive" ontological conception that has been imitated or repeated as an archetype. It becomes the quest that every culture has tried to live up to. The center refers to absolute reality, consecration, new birth, and sacredness, where heaven, earth and hell met. although the modern society has no memory of such ritual, the historical truth makes it valid archetype.

    The symbolic center for me would be God! This is where my heaven and earth touch. I create the highest peak to comunicate with him when ever I choose to. My point of consecration is when he forgives me for the profane moments in my life! I thank God for this historical truth. Another center is my marriage. In my marriage is where I experience obsolute reality.

  9. "Symbolism of the Center" is about finding what is symbolic or important to the self. There is something to everyone that they have found to represent themselves. This symbol could be something spiritual or simply an object or place. For me, my center is the trailer next to my parents house. I do not live in there, but i decorated and made it my own. It is a place where i can meditate and concentrate on my self.

  10. Christina Blair said,

    I believe that "symbolism of the center" represents a larger meaning for the world, one of transcendence and spirituality. Like Eliade, I agree that everything in life has a religious meaning. An example of a symbolic center in my life is my family. I can always turn to them in times of turmoil and heartache. They have made me the person I am today just by being good models and striving to be the best they can be.
    Another one of my symbolisms of the center is music. I love music: I play piano and sing. By a means of expressing myself through this kind of communication, I am more at peace with the world and look at it in a more positive way.

  11. "Symbolism of the center" is a place where someone can find peace such as heaven or earth. A place where one could be themselve and find harmony. This place could be anywhere from heaven to hell.

    An example of symbolism of the center in my life is my room. My room is where i find time for myself. I find that i can be completely myself in the comfort of my room. This is a place i feel safe, happy, and relaxed. I am able to escape from the rest of the world. My room is also a place where i can find entertainment wether its watching tv, surfing the web, listenin to music, or reading. My room is my heaven. =)

  12. According to Eliade, "symbolism of the center" is a sacred place a place where we can find ourselves and it’s important to that person.

    For me my symbolism of the center would be god because he gives me that support that I need to move on. Something else would be my Parents house this is where I lived for a long time and I have great memories. Now that I have moved out I miss it. When I go back and visit I feel relaxed, happy, and calm.

  13. Jessica Cooper

    When Eliade refers to the symbolic reference of One's center, he is alluding to finding one's peace. It may be a thought, an actual place, a song, or anything that allows one to have total comfort and peace within one's self.

    My own personal "symbolism of the center" is music, preferably gospel music. I love the way i feel when i can turn on my favorite praise and worship song and know that no matter what i may be going through, God will always make my situation better. To me that is the ultimate peace.

  14. 1. “Symbolism of the Center”, means to me this is the place between Haven and Hell. The center is linked to Heaven and Earth and every temple or palace is an extension to the Sacred Mountain becoming the center.
    2. A symbolic center to me would have to be my Church. This is very important to me and I feel I can be myself around my Church family. I go to a smaller church and have been there since my brothers and I were babies; everyone is practically my family.

  15. The "Symbolism of the Center" refers to a place that holds spiritual meaning. A mountain, city, palace, and church are places that may hold sacred meanings. These places are the bridge among the heavens, earth, and hell. Also, they are viewed as the center of the world. They are highly valued archetypes that symbolize the answers to human existence and understanding the purpose of life.

    The place that I hold most important in my life is the giant green hill near Goyang-si. The scenery there gives me a deep sense of peace. It feels as though my mind and body is becoming transparent, blending into the scenery. My mind becomes lucid, and I feel more mature about life. It is also where my grandfather's grave resides. Whenever I have a chance to visit to Korea, I would visit that hill and pay my respect to him.

  16. When Eliade refers to "Symbolism of the center", hes referring to a place that holds meaning; specifically spiritual and sacred, which could be the church. He could also mean that this earth is in the center of heaven and hell. This makes it a symbolism of the center.

    A place that i would consider symbolism of the center would have to be the church. It is a spiritual meeting place that is sacred and close to God. Since my dad is a pastor i've grown up in the enviornment and it makes me feel secure and comforted when im there. I feel at peace and it makes me happy to know that there is a place that i can go and express my spirituality.

  17. The "symbolism of the center" is what Eliade refers to the source power, significance and value in religious pursuit. It is were one is at peace. It can be a place, region, building.

    A place that I consider to be a symbolism of the center is my home. It is a place in which I can be at peace. A place of love, family and friendship. Many of my friendships have grown more stronger there, with family and friends. This is a place where I can reach God.

  18. Kathryn Snow writes-
    The "Symbolism of the Center" Eliade argues can be situated between heaven and earth (such as the sacred mountain), a temple or a palace which extends towards the heavens, becoming a center. It may even be a meeting place between heaven, earth,and hell, or ourselves. The symbolism of the center is within the zone of the sacred and reality-attaining it means leaving behind our human/profane existence.
    My symbolic centers are found while meditating on the Bible. I find sacred truth and draw strength and power from my Savior.Another is home-with my loved ones around me I feel more like myself. I can give love freely,am at peace,and it there is a sense of belonging.

  19. The "Symbolism of the Center" that Eliade talks about, is the spiritual center in which one feels the security, power, love, peace, and happiness. The symbolism of the center is a sacred place where one can find himself and the God's company.
    My symbolic centers are: my house, the church, at the seashore, up on the mountain, etc. At that places, I can meditate, to reflect, and to get the true peace that I need.

  20. Justin Jordan The "Symbolism of the Center" according to Eliade is a sacred place for the individual and symbolizes what is important in a persons life. What is the center on ones life?
    My symbolic center or centers are my home, golf course that makes me feel free, and beach that allows me to gather my thoughts and allow me to realize that life can get better or worse, but never stay the same