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One concept Eliade discusses is the idea of "Celestial Models," which means using a religious, mythological, or historical model as the basis for a new act, event, or creation.

One clear example of this occurs in the process of naming; we choose names because they embody and reflect certain characteristics.

For this post, explain how one of these names is significant. Analyze the etymology (word roots and origin), and explain how the history of this name is relevant for understanding the character.



  1. Icarus is Latin but it is derived from Greek form of Ikaros. He is the son of Daedalus who built a labyrinth and made wings for each of them so they could escape from the king (who was holding them hostage). Daedalus told Icarus not to fly to close to the sun or else his wings would melt since they were made of wax. Of course Icarus did not listen and he plunged into the ocean.

    This is significant to the character Icarus (the space ship) because the crew gave the ship specific orders but it did not listen, which caused them to lose a crew member to scorching heat and lose their plants (the source of oxygen and food).

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  3. Rogelio Alvarado
    In spanish language heart means “Corazon”. In the circulatory system of a person the heart is in the center as the main function to help live on a daily basis. In the movie the character Corazon spends the majority of her time in the garden inside the ship taking care of the plants as her main priority to provide oxygen for the crew. This garden is what provides breathing air to the whole crew inside Icarus II, similarly just like the heart organ functions to support a human body with blood flow and oxygen.

  4. Francisco Hernandez
    Kappa means “a measure of the degree of nonrandom agreement between observers or measurements of the same categorical variable”, according to an online source. This definition paralles the character named Kappa because he, too, was not sure of what choice to take, when he was asked for his opinion. Furthermore, he was chosen to be the person to make the final decision of whether they would go direct to the mission (sun), or stop by Icarus I. In other words, he was undecided of what choice to make, but at the end he his choice was the only one that mattered.

  5. Ashley Corvera
    Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to class on Monday. However, I will do my best to reply to the blog post based on information I know about the names and what I think they represent. When I think or hear of the word “Corazon” I automatically think of the word in the English context. The word Corazon is the Spanish word for heart (English context). The heart is in a humans case is the center of vitality. The heart provides us with strength and life. I assume there is a character in the film “Sunshine” that represents the heart (strength and life). Without that person (Corazon) or the actual heart, yourself and others around you cannot life.

  6. Rosa Mendoza

    Icarus a Latin word from the Greek word Ikaros is the name of the son of Deadalus a Greek Mythology. Deadalus and his son were imprisoned by the King Minos in a Labyrinth. Deadalus was an inventor and created wings for his son and for him to escape. These wings were created from wax. Deadalus explain to his son that he could not fly too high and not too low. If he flew too high, close to the sun, his wings could melt away and if he flew too low, close to the ocean, his wings would dampen the feathers. Icarus was exited that he was flying and he kept flying higher and higher until his wings melted away and fell to his death.

    The Icarus II space ship had strict rules to follow in order to survive the sun's heat. The space ship had to maintained its protected sun shield facing the Sun at all times to protect the sensitive sections from melting away. In the movie the sensitive section of the space craft were like the wax wings of Icarus. In the movie the crew fail to follow strict rules and ended up dying like Icarus die on the story.

  7. Cassandra means man defender worrier, in the film Cassandra is one of the pilots who has to maneuver the Icarus II when they are faced through different obstacles. She could be seen as the worrier in the space ship because the life of everyone on the space ship depends on her. If she makes a mistake they can all die.


  8. Mace means heavy staff or club. It was a medieval weapon used by knights to break armor. Mace's character in the movie Sunshine, is like a knight who the armor of the group. He breaks it down as it is. He has a dedication to the mission. Mace walks his talk and believes he and the crew can do what they need to do. He does not let his emotions confuse his judgment. While this can make him appear bitter, it is his most genuinely compassionate quality. He understands the weight of the mission and when the time comes, he is not afraid to die for it.

  9. Corazon is the spanish word for Heart. The heart is one of the most important organs in the human and animal body. In the context of the film, Corazon is one of the important and essential persons in the ship because she provides organization and support.
    -Cristina Elizondo

  10. Ashly Anfield
    Icarus is the son of a master craftsmen, who name is Daedalus. Daedalus made his son some wings which were made of wax and feathers to escape Crete. Icarus was given instructions by his father not to fly to close to the sun. Since Icarus did not follow his fathers instructions, he died, from flying to close to the sun and the sun then melted his wings.
    Many religious groups are givne instrucions from their God on what and what not to do. We are given a book of law/instructions on how to live our life. For example the Holy Bible teaches us not to habitually sin. By not following these instructions you will face the consequences. Icarus gives us an example of where disobedience will take us. If he would have followed the instructions that his father had give hinm, he would have lived.

  11. Icarus as a boy’s name is Greek origin. In mythology Icarus was the son of Deadalus. The name Icarus means to be uncertain, or perhaps “he follows”. Icarus was imprisoned by King Minos, either in a tower or in the labyrinth, and later escaped by means of wings of wax Daedalus crafted. Meaning he followed orders just like in the movie from the leader and captain.


  12. Hilda Nieblas

    The name Corazon comes from the origin of Spanish. The word roots are caldus, which is Latin for warm. Since the word Corazon is heart in English we know it is an organ. If we could go back in history the name for it most likely came about during the times where hunting and gathering was around, and animals were killed and dissected to be able to eat. It was most likely called something else or didn’t have a name until they were able to take a warm heart in their hands and it was warm. Then they thought about what the word for warm was and thought they should call this organ a Corazon.

  13. Joanna Marcial
    The word corazon is Spanish it comes from Latin which is cor. In English corazon means heart. I consider the heart to be the base for human life, without it we wouldn't survive. Corazon can be symbolic in many different ways. In many times it symbolized love. At other times corazon can be something sacrificial. The Aztecs use to sacrifice people and take out their heart to give it to their gods. Because the heart is an important symbol for life and it is necessary to live we give it an important meaning.

  14. Calie

    In Greek myth Icarus flew to close to the sun after his father Daedalus told him not to fly too high as they were escaping. Daedalus had built wings for him and his son to escape form their prison after a King, they were working for, imprisoned them and planed to kill them. When Icarus flew too close to the sun his wings fell apart and he plummeted into the ocean and died.

    The space ship Icarus's crew are having the same type of problems, not listening and then dying, that will probably lead to their eventual doom.

  15. Lauri Slocumb

    Mace is a person signifying authority its form is of a club i.e., is a heavy head upon a solid shaft which is used to bludgeon opponents. Its original purpose and use is in dissuading from dissent as shown in this film Sunshine by the character Mace. In the film Sunshine Mace does not agree with their decision to go find Icarus I. He is against it! He wants to stay the course, keep moving in a straight line (the solid shaft) to complete the mission.

  16. The translation for heart in English is heart. The heart in one of the most important organs of the body. In some cultures it was believed that the heart was the most important organ in our body because it was responsible for all of our bodily functions therefore, people cherished the heart the most.

  17. Translation for Corazon from spanish to English is heart.


  18. Name: Icarus
    Gender: Boy
    Origin: Greek

    In Greek myth, Icarus and his father Daedalus attempted to escape from King Minos by flying to safety with wings of Daedalus' invention. Icarus flew too high, melting the wax that held the wings together, and fell into the ocean.

    In the movie, the spaceship is called Icarus. They are heading towards the sun. The first spaceship Icarus I never made it to the sun; the crew had an epiphany and they exposed themselves to the heat of the sun and were burned alive.

  19. Melissa Sherman

    The story of this movie, is for the team of the Icarus Project to attempt to restart the sun, thus renewing life on Earth. The first team, failed to complete their mission, when they had a change of heart and decided not to play God. The movie opens, with the second Icarus Team, attempting to complete the unfinished mission of the first team, and attempt if possible to learn of what became of this team. In Greek History, there is a story of a young man named Icarus, the son of Daedalus. The evil King Minos, rules the land, and the loving father, makes a pair of wings... to enable his son to escape from the treachery. However, by flying too high, and ending up near the sun, the wings are destroyed, and the young mans life is ended. The mission in this movie is to save the lives of others, that remain on Earth. If this team fails, their loved ones will die.

  20. Ariana Branson

    Icarus- served from the Greek word Ikaros. Icarus was the son of Deadulus and they were imprisoned by king Minos in a labryinth. Deadulus constructed wings for his son to fly out of the labryinth. However, he couldn't fly too close to the sun or else the wings would melt. Icarus was really excited to be flying and ended up flying too close to the sun and melted the wings.

    The Icarus II had strict rules to follow in order to survive the sun's heat. They did not follow these rules and like Icarus thy ended up damaging their ship.

  21. We have found how the names of the characters, from the movie (except from Pinbaker) , Sunshine, all have some type of word root and/or origin, and how its history is relevant to understanding the character. Even though Pinbaker does not have an origin or root to etymology, we can determine that he is the shadow and the chaos of the film. His purpose in the film was to make sure to follow God’s will, which in his mind meant that human existence was no more. He took the role of a messenger from God. - Zully

  22. Amber Gilliam

    Icarus was a boy imprisoned with his father who was a craftsman. In order to escape the prison the father crafted the wings so that they could escape their prison. Icarus was given instructions to follow for his safety which he didn't follow and it resulted in his death. the same happened with the ship in the movie the rules were not followed and it resulted in death.