Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In-Class Post for April 13

Hello All,

For this post, analyze one artwork from Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz's series Islands.

In your analysis, be sure to use an example of each of the following types of sentences:



  1. Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz, express the theme of life as an unknown journey in their artwork, Blindness. In their work, the blind are leading the blind, and the men and women are stumbling around with no direction. The sky is dark and gloomy, people are stumbling around on the cold, slippery ice; these are the symbols and archetypes that the artists use. These symbols convey the theme of life as an unknown journey because, we never know exactly what life has in store, we are all often living life following others that have no direction. In the artwork, people are stumbling around down mountain sides and on the brinks of falling into the cold and icy river. This piece of art can be seen as a warning to find and examine the direction of one’s life.

    Jen Scarbrough

  2. We have chosen to write about "A March Sky 2008-09." (simple sentence)

    The theme is a hanging ceremony during a witch hunt, so people are rejoycing. (Compund)

    Here is a list of symbols we have come up with: the noose represents death when a person has been found guilty, the white pointy hat representing the condemned, and the grey in the sky represents the dark cloud over the time. (Compound Complex)

    One of the archtypes in the picture that we found was the snow, because winter usually resembles lifelessness. (complex)

    Jacqueline Perez
    Cody Cleveland

  3. The Mail Boat, 2007.
    What is the theme of the artwork?
    The theme of the artwork selected is the sadness of being an outcast.

    What is the artwork’s message?
    The mail is coming; it evokes different emotions, and responses for each individual receiving mail.

    What symbols/ archetypes do Martin & Munoz use to convey that theme?
    Munoz uses the mail boat, with mail men to deliver the mail to the ice burg and the receivers of the mail displays different emotions as it arrives.

    One person is peeing one side of the cliff, and another person is diving off the cliff to his/her death, because potential news that one may receive in the mail.

    Shyanna Atkinson
    Lauri Slocumb
    Shawnie Speer

  4. The theme of the artwork is coming home. The archtypes he uses are the masoleum, old man, snow,and the young adult and they symbolize the young adult's future. Because the young adult man is facing the older man, he is foreseeing his future. Even though he is foreseeing his future, it is clear he is having a cold ice death and a snowy scene is a perfect setting for death.

    Lizeth Ramirez
    April Joy Garcera
    Felicia Contreras

  5. Cold Front
    Alessandra Hoyte, Danielle Mabon, Kimberlina Rodriguez

    Simple-Life is full of obstacles and struggles.

    Complex-She is confronting her future, though it may be a struggle.

    Compound- She must find the courage to move forward but she is left alone with only her life’s baggage.

    Complex/compound- Even though she continues to carry the weight of her past, she will need her life’s baggage because it is a constant reminder of the struggles she’s endured, as she continues to move forward.

  6. Experiment with Red
    1.The bulls are eliminating the weakest bull.
    2.It’s in the bull’s nature to eliminate the weakest bull, but it’s in the nature of the weakest bull to survive.
    3.Because it is in the nature to eliminate the weakest bull, the bulls target the weakest one.
    4.It’s in the bull’s nature to eliminate the weakest bull, but it’s in the nature of the weakest bull to survive; therefore, the bulls target the weakest one.

    Amelia Gonzalez
    Jorge De Julian
    Tony Aguilar

  7. Adam Eaton, Denise Sanchez, Maria Madera Herrera,

    The Search:
    Simple: The theme of the artwork is searching for a way out of darkness.

    Compound: The use of light symbolizes clarity; the flashlights depicted in the artwork help find what they are looking for.

    Complex: Because of the difficulties the snow brings, it symbolizes hardships people encounter.

    Compound Complex: As light and snow are presented together, the image of light makes it possible to see through the darkness; light makes it possible for anyone to find a way out of life's daily struggles.

  8. Theme: unsolved mystery
    Symbols/Archetypes: snow, dark, light, trees, stars, could see a blue stream (we think)
    Simple Sentence:
    Men are searching for something.
    Compound Sentence:
    It is a very dark night, so men are using flashlights.
    Complex Sentence:
    The darkness symbolizes the time when we are most vulnerable to natural predators and unclear attacks because it equates with unconsciousness, fearful mystery, and evil.
    Compound-Complex Sentences:
    Even though the men are trying to solve a mystery, they had no luck, and are still out there searching for this big unsolved mystery.
    By: Nancy Bejar and Anthony Castro

  9. Yadhira Moreno
    Yoselin Ventura
    Janette Lopez

    The main theme in the artwork titled, "The Honeymooners", by Martin and Muñoz, demonstrates the different personalities that a husband and a wife portray in a marriage. One of the symbols that Martin and Muñoz use to convey the different personalities would be the use of the cow; the cow symbolizes wealth and a source of income. In the artwork the women is holding the reigns, which represents her ability to hold and guide the relationship. Another symbol would be the car with a lot of baggage, it might represent his ego. Because he is sitting on top of the truck with his riffle, it makes it seem as if he does not trust his significant other. Therefore, this artwork might portray the common newlyweds, how sometimes the wife is the main person in the relationship who is doing most of the work to keep the relationship steady; while, the man might be too egotistical to realize that she is doing all of the work.

  10. Our art selection is The Honeymooners, 2008.

    The theme of the artwork is; A woman is the strength of the household carrying the weight of the family and the man is the protector.

    The symbols/archetypes used are the reigns, a gun, strength, and control.

    Simple Sentence: Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz demonstrates shared responsibilities in a marriage.

    Compound Sentence: This print depicts the image of the strength of a woman by bearing the load of the household; the man is portrayed as the protector of the household.

    Complex: Because the man is caught up within the chaotic load and the woman is directing the chaos, this shows the ultimate strength of the woman.

    Compound-Complex: The vehicle in Martin and Munoz's portrait illustrates the chaos within a family; since the man is encompassed within the chaos, and the woman is directing the flow of this chaos,this portrait directly represents the roles husbands and wives play in a marriage.

    Christine Hadwar
    Katrina Gregory
    Stacy Johnson