Monday, May 23, 2011

Critique of Campus Webpage

Hello All,

For this post, critique a CSUB webpage. Discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and be sure to point out any archetypes it uses effectively as well as additional archetypes it should have included.


  1. Yadhira Moreno

    The CSUB webpage that I decided to critique is that of the University Outreach Services webpage. The University Outreach Services webpage has many strengths like its choice of color, tab headings, and visuals. As soon as you enter the University Outreach Services webpage you will see this splash of bright yellow and this royal blue pop out on the screen. It definitely grabs your attention and makes you want to read and inform yourself on who or what the University Outreach Services are or do. The visuals displayed on the webpage demonstrate the creativity and enjoyment that takes place in California State University of Bakersfield. The University Outreach Services webpage also displays photos of some of the different departments that CSUB offers like library, Runners Cafe, and the Recreational Center. The tab headings are short and important; some the headings are admissions and records, courses, catalog, and orientation. The University Outreach Services webpage portrays the archetypes of sage and the caregiver. The information that is found on their webpage lets the reader know that they care about your decisions and would like to assist you in any way possible. They understand the world because they have been trough that journey that other people are barely taking or encountering. Some of the weaknesses of the University Outreach Services webpage is its font and size of font. They also did not include their mission statement, which is extremely important. To distinguish the importance amongst the information listed they should use different font size. They can also add color, pink or orange to the most important areas or information that is on their webpage.

  2. I decided to critique the School of Business and Public Administration webpage. I choose this website because I'm a business major, and considers this website very uninteresting. The good thing about this website is that it has information but its overloaded with it. Who is going to actually take the time to read every single section. I would prefer for the sections to standout to people by making the website more concise. Also, it needs more pictures like activities that the department is involve with. As a student I would like to see fun information thats not all about just school related material, like graduation pictures.

    Nancy Bejar

  3. Children’s Art Institute (CAI) is the CSUB webpage I decided to critique. Some of the strengths this webpage has are the bright colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) they use for the different tabs. These bright colors attracted me and made me explore this site more. When you click on the tabs they have a different colored background that matches the tab you are on. While looking at this site I noticed a few weaknesses that can be easily fixed, such as the old information from 2009 on the calendar tab, as well as the announcements from 2010. The font could also be a bit bigger. On one page it states the goals of the program in a paragraph, if it listed these goals the reader would more than likely read them. On the homepage of this site it does not state a mission statement telling what this program is about; instead you have to click on a tab to find out further information. Children’s Art Institute is about CSUB students working with elementary children and creating art, but there are no pictures on the homepage showing the children or their art work, instead there is a tiny link in blue that says photos, this link can not be easily seen. The archetypes this webpage uses are that of the caregiver and the creator. These archetypes are used in the overall mission statement because this program is about teaching students about art. The decoration on the homepage is colored pencils which ties into the idea of the Creator.

    Felicia Contreras

  4. The department webpage that I would like to critique is the Communication Department webpage. When I logged onto their homepage I was shocked to see only a few tabs on the left hand side and nothing else. Let me start by describing the strengths of the webpage. The strengths include: An easy-to-navigate tab system for information; the mission statement and program description are clearly stated and easy to read; effective structure of the goals and objectives link; an outline of required classes in included for the major; the blue color pops. The weaknesses:the homepage has no pictures of any kind, it is essentially blank; the department faculty tab does not open up so it is not clear who is involved; the course description is 12 pages long!; overall, not an inviting webpage. There are no archetypes represented in any part of the webpage. The department should have used the Explorer and Sage Archetypes to convey the themes of investigation, curiousity, exploring, etc.

    Christine Hadwar

  5. I decided to critique The Runner webpage because I work for the newspaper, and I find the website dull. The editors of The Runner always encourage the crew to find people to join The Runner. Many students have not heard about The Runner, so a website would be a great place for them to learn more about The Runner. One strength about the website is that students could read previous print news. Another strength is that the website’s address is short and simple because students just need to type “runner” after ( The website has YouTube videos about the campus, but only 2 out of 6 videos have titles. The Runner needs the contact information: editorial-in-chief, managing editor, sports editor, photo editor, and adviser/advertising. The Runner should have their catchy phrase on their website, “Are you a talented writer? Do you want to showcase fabulous news writing and photography? JOIN THE RUNNER Comm 214 or Comm 414.”

  6. I chose to do my critique on the math department. Their strengths are that the site well organized with tabs, and on each tab info is concise. Within the tabs there are other links to give more information for that section. They even give information about tracks and funding for school, such as the math and science teacher intuitive scholarship.They also talk about different objectives depending what track one is going on. They present many archetypes in this that include:
    • Caregiver – make sure they give you enough information to succeed in school
    • Sage – understaning of mathematics (Very Knowledgeable Faculty)
    • Explorer – exploring the field of mathematics, such as discovering new principles and relationships among existing math theories.
    Weakness on the website is that it is very dull. It does have a picture slide of the Science III building and a background of mathematics symbols, but that is about it. The entire site is only white and gray, and the only thing that has some kind of color is the hyperlinks. The site should add more eye catching color, like our school colors to show pride of our school. Also make the tabs stand out more to make it look more like tabs than just regular text. They should also have more pictures, like Albert Einstein to show influential figures in mathematics to show the importance of it.

    Jacqueline Perez

  7. The website that I have chosen to critique is the Honors Program. The strengths in this website are as follows: easy to understand, looks up to dated, the taps are place on top where it is easy to find, clear with good information about the honors program, and brief paragraph where it informs what the Honors Program is all about. The archetypes that are in the website are the caregiver because in the website it looks like they have taken their time on doing it and care about what they want the public to know about the Honors Program. Another archetype is the sage because to be in the honors program by the name alone people must be wise and dedicated to getting good grades. A weakness in this website is the slogan that appears at the bottom of every tab link which is “Welcome to the CSUB Hawk Honors Program Website.” This is a good slogan or phrase but it just seems pointless to have it in the website under every tab after navigating to each one. It also looks dull and maybe with a different color it can make it pop out; for example, making it orange.
    Jorge de Julian

  8. The website I chose to critique is the school of social sciences and education. The website has the strengths of easily navigable links displayed to the left of the page. It also has a catchy slogan;however, the page is dull. It lacks luster. The page is very washed out with too much white.The very top of the page has a huge white space that makes it unattractive and plain. The website needs to incorporate more colors to the page.It also needs more pictures representing the image the school wants to portray. I would use a mixture of colors to portray different ideas. I would display pictures as a slide show to give viewers a more diverse picture of this department.
    Katrina Gregory

  9. The webpage for the Academic Advising and Retention center is plain. The links to various pages are just text and need some work. I would suggest using some color in the background of the links to draw the readers attention to it. There is only one quote and it does not give me enough information about what it is. The only pictures on the page are of the door where it is located. There should be pictures of people possibly the staff. Another weakness is the mission statement is a link, it should be on the front page and brief.
    Caregiver- they advise students to achieve in academics and give information
    sage- the academic advising and retention center advises students by 'promoting academic achievement'.
    Shawnie Speer

  10. The website I chose to critique is my professor Michael Bedell. He is an instructor for Business Majors. First off his website needs to be updated. However, the way it is set up it is very organized. He has many links to click on to find out information on any business related topic. Once people click on the links there is too much information too even want to read. He needs to be more concise about the information that is given. The background is a plain white with CSUB letters in it. With a laptop people really can't even tell it is there unless your screen is tilted back at an angle. I would suggest making the background a blue with yellow CSUB letters making it the schools colors. Another suggestion is adding some photos of current events.For one assignment I had to attend a Kern County society of Human Resource Management. At least post some photos of the event; so that students can see what to look forward to prior to attending
    Anthony Castro

  11. The webpage that I have decided to critique is the CSUB Walter Stiern Library webpage. Some of the strengths that this websitehas are that it is very well organized. It has several beneficial links forresearch. The tabs located at the top of the page are very informationalbecause they have the hours posted, a Facebook tab that reaches out to students,and contact information. The webpage clearly portrays that they are open to answerany questions. They have a specific section on the homepage where you cancontact a librarian and ask any questions. The Walter Stiern Library webpageportrays the archetypes of the caregiver because its main focus is to helpstudents by directing them to the correct books, answering questions, andoffering external research information. The sage is also an archetype that isportrayed through the webpage; for the webpage encourages students to visit thelibrary and find books and solutions to any research questions. The webpageencourages the students to explore different areas of research through onlinearticles or journals. Some of the weaknesses seen on the library’s webpage is thecolor scheme used. The colors are very boring and make the website unappealing.If the library really wants students to visit frequently, they should considermaking their website appealing. I feel that the webpage needs recentphotographs of students studying; so they could reach out to those students whofeel uneasy about visiting the library. The webpage needs to have their missionstatement visible and on the homepage in order to inform the students whattheir goals are. The CSUB Walter Stiern Library is such an important buildingon campus which, is why their webpage should be appealing and inviting.  
    Maria Madera Herrera 

  12. The website that I choose to critique is the student recreation cener website. It is well organized with tabs to all the infromation that is needed. The problem is there are so many tabs in different places. There is a huge yellow box with different links that attracts attention and makes it harder to find other links on the website. On the top of the website are different links but they are small and harder to see compared to the rest of the website.

    Adam Eaton

  13. I am going to critique the webpage of Dr.Reem Abu-Lughod, a professor in the Criminal Justice department. It is organized, yet it lacks creative appeal making harder for those who view her page to be interested. She discusses her history which is an archtypes used to provide assurance of knowledge in her field; yet it needs archetypes of passion and love to allow the viewer access as to why she is a great professor, why those who enroll in her course have the best opportunities to gain understanding of criminal justice as a subject matter, and why one should chose criminal justice as a major or minor. Her webpage lacks intimacy.
    ~Danielle Mabon

  14. I am going to do the Student REC webpage its plain and boring and does not look appealing to studnets to want to go the gym or understand the benefits the REC offers.
    `Shyanna atkinson

  15. The CSUB recreation page link for the mission, vission, and goals could use a little work. they do a great job of clearly providing the information needed, but it does not make people want to get involved. it could use pictures to help symbolize the explorer, the hero, and the regular guy/gal. these symbols could help to coney the message and show the importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    Jen Scarbrough