Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Describe !

Hello All,

For the first post on your blog, describe one object in your home/apartment/car. 

This description should be one paragraph long, should exhibit syntax variety (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex sentences), and should combine both literal and figurative details.


  1. The television is black. It is placed in my room to watch every night, yet I never have time to do it. Since, I am taking English 310 I spend most of my time studying and reading. In my rectangular television I can watch my favorite shows, so I can release my stress. This television is like my hobby it can make me laugh and it can make me cry. Though I enjoy using my television, I must put school first, and put my television aside.

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  3. The 5x7 picture of my three year grandson is on top of my dresser. The frame is black. He has the biggest smile which exposes his white pearly teeth like the colgate commercials. He had his red sweeater on and his 501 jeans, but he cried so much that day because he did not want to take his pictures, yet we managed to capture a picture of him smiling. Everytime I look at his pictures I feel every emotion of happiness to see his big smile. Even though he is not with me all the time now, I have this 5x7 picture alive in my mind.