Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Post for Jan 26

For this post, compliment one person's introduction.


  1. Ariana Branson

    The post written by Sandra
    I really like your hook. It immediately caught my attention. Also the anecdote was very well written and made me want to read the rest of your essay.

  2. Hello Sandra Garcia,

    You're hook is really good!

    -Marco Aguiniga

  3. Melissa Sherman

    Hey, Stephanie and Ariana, I love both of your hooks! Good job girls, keep up the good work.

  4. hey Gonzalo,
    I like how you started your intro with questions making the reader think ahead before the start reading.
    Maria Gonzalez

  5. Hey Melissa, I really like your Hook. It is engaging and leaves the reader interested in reading more!

  6. Hilda Nieblas

    Sandra Garcia I really like how you used a childhood story as your hock.

  7. Gonzalo Heredia

    Hey Melissa, i love you Hook. It was a very good way to get the attention of the reader.

  8. Stephanie Pickens

    Ashly Anfield I liked your hook. I wanted to read the rest of your intro beacause of it. Liked the intro great work!

  9. Francisco Hernandez

    Wow Javier Calderon, great hook.

  10. Chika Nwanonenyi

    Francisco what a wonderful hook and use of simile.

  11. Rosa Mendoza

    Melissa Sherman,I liked the hook that you picked for your essay. This hook is great, and it makes me want to read your essay. This hook also makes me wonder what your essay is going to be about. The way that you ended the hook gives me a feeling of suspense, and that was one of the things that got my attention.
    Great job!!!!

  12. Ashley Corvera

    Marciela, your introduction is good. I love love songs :)

  13. Serena,

    I like your hook! Everyone likes to read when they see, "passion and love" anywhere. We are all looking for it and your into stood out to me because of that.

    Diala Nimri

  14. Rogelio Alvarado
    Hello Baleria, I really liked your hook sentence with the question. It makes me stop and wonder the importance of a relationship.

  15. Maricela I.

    Ashley C., I like your thesis. It grabbed my attention.

  16. Javier Calderon said...

    Maria Gonzales, your introduction was very interesting and your hook sentence works perfectly. Good job.

  17. Hi Chika,
    I really like the fact that your essay has an easy flow; all the sentences are well connected. I especially liked your hook because it’s something that we can all relate to. - Zully

  18. Sandra Garcia,
    I love your hook. I think that is so creative and pensive.


  19. Marco I really like your introduction. Your hook connects perfectly with the rest of the paragraph.
    Great job!
    -Cristina Elizondo

  20. Calie

    I like the way you hook people with your introduction and I also like that you chose a love song.

  21. I really like your introduction Rogelio. You also have a great thesis.
    Nice job!


  22. Sandra Garcia

    Regina I really liked your hook. It caught my attention and made me want to read the rest of your introduction.

  23. Amber Gilliam

    Cristina your Intro is great. The entire thing is well thought out and composed. Awesome job!

  24. Thalia.. Your introduction had me hooked right from the beginning. I became emotionally attached to the story as soon as I started reading it. I also like your song choice because it is similar to mine as well. –Nicole Lackey

  25. Thalia's and Stephanie Pickens's hooks both grabbed my attention excellently!

    -Bryce Rankins

  26. Javier,
    I thought your hook was very original and I liked it.
    Lauri S.