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Feb 28

Hello All,

Mark and Pearson divide and classify archetypal figures into twelve categories:

The Innocent embodies the childlike characteristics of optimism and being naive ("Initially, the innocent has a child-like quality of naivete and a simple even unconscious dependence" 55);
The Explorer embodies the search for a better world that will fit and reflect one's inner hopes and desires and appears often in fairy tales ("The explorer is the simple desire to hit the open road and to be in the wild, wide-open spaces of nature to experience the joy of discovery" 72);
The Sage is one who uses intelligence to understand the world ("Their faith is in the capacity of humankind to learn and grow in ways that allow us to create a better world" 88);
The Hero saves the day and brings triumph for all ("The hero wants to make the world a better place" 106);
The Outlaw refuses to conform ("Finding their identity outside the current social structure, such outlaws are faithful to deeper, truer values than the prevailing ones. Such outlaws are romantic figures ready to disrupt society that has succumbed to tyranny, repression, conformity, or cynicism" 123);
The Magician uses 'magical' powers to influence others or to transform their surroundings to their advantage ("Most basic to the magician is the desire to search out the fundamental laws of how things work and to apply these principles to getting things done" 140);
The Regular Guy/Gal (Everyman/woman) has no outstanding noticeable characteristics; s/he blends in and is 'normal' like everyone else ("The regular guy/gal demonstrates the virtues of simply being an ordinary person just like others" 165);
The Lover is one who uses beauty to attract others ("The lover archetype governs all sorts of human love, from parental love to friendship to spiritual love, but it is most important to romantic love" 178);
The Jester (Trickster) is one who is cunning, mischievous, and playful ("The jester archetype includes the clown, the trickster, and anyone at all who loves to play or cut up" 196);
The Caregiver is one who tends to others who may not be able to care for themselves ("Throughout time, symbols of caregiving expressed mostly as a powerful maternal figure have been alternatively sentimentalized and demonized" 209);
The Creator is an inventor or someone or something that embodies a higher power of creation ("The creator is not about fitting in but about self-expression" 227);
The Ruler embodies power and control ("The ruler knows that the best thing to do to avoid chaos is to take control" 244).

For this post, analyze one print advertisement, and explain how it uses one or more of these archetypal figures.


  1. Chika Nwanonenyi

    18. IKEA

    This ad uses the hero and the regular guy/gal archetypal figures. The hero archetype is used because Ikea's assembl service has saved him from the headache of trying to put a chair together, which is something he has no clue about (illustrated by the question mark). As a result of Ikea's service this individual now has a lot of free time on their hands to have fun instead of spending all day or week trying to figure out what piece goes where. I mean what is more fun, making cocktails to drink or assembling a chair.

    The everyday guy/gal archetype illustrates that the average male or female do not know how to assemble chairs, cabinets, or cuppboards and most of them do not have the time. Attempting to assemble these products will just leave one frustrated and upset. Even though the everyday guy/gal may not know how to assemble, they know the steps for making cocktails.

  2. Francisco Hernandez
    The ad choosen is CNN. This ad shows the word "CNN" connected to many other lines and directions. The word "CNN" seems to be the ruler because they are controlling every direction in which the line go to. In other words, every line is somehow linked to the word "CNN" as a way to show that CNN controls the business.

  3. Thalia

    The ad that was chosen was Google. The explorer archetype was used in this ad, because it shows how great the world would be if everything was as simple as searching in Google. Showing humans inner hopes and desires.

  4. Rosa Mendoza

    LEGO Advertisement with airplane
    This advertisement is effective because its showing how easily you can create anything you want with your imagination and a set of Lego blocks. The advertisement shows two Lego blocks that form a cross, and they seem to be suspended in air with the Lego blocks shadow as a real airplane shadow. This advertisement uses the archetypes of the creator and the magical. The creator is an inventor, in this case the inventor of things with the Lego blocks. It is also magical because you are making Lego figures that become airplanes, animals, and many other things.

  5. The Jeep ad (#26) displays the shadows of a wolf and of a camel and as their heads overlap the image of a Jeep emerges. This ad was effective because it used the archetype of the explorer; “[t]he explorer is the simple desire to hit the open road and to be in the wild, wide-open spaces of nature to experience the joy of discovery” (pg. 71).- Zully

  6. Sandra Y. Garcia

    Hut Weber

    The purpose of the ad is to prove that hats can make a difference when it comes to someone’s appearance. It has a silhouette of what appears to be Adolf Hitler next to Charlie Chaplin. The ad had the archetypes of the ruler and the jester. Adolf Hitler portrays the ruler in this ad because he had much power and control. Charlie Chaplin portrays the jester. He is the one who is always being playful and funny. He is somewhat of a clown and always making people laugh doing tricks.

  7. Ashley Corvera
    I chose photo number 5 Lego. The picture has two Lego’s stack on one another that resembles an airplane. Underneath the Lego’s is a shadow of an airplane. This advertisement is convincing because the picture is saying that with Lego’s there are no limitations for imagination. The photo relates to the archetype of “the innocent” and “the explorer.” Because when you think of innocent you think of a child and children have big imaginations. This advertisement is directed towards kids. Also, since the two Lego blocks turned into an airplane you think of exploring and creative thoughts. Using the Lego blocks children can pull the images from their head and replicate the images using blocks. The possibilities are endless.

  8. Rogelio Alvarado
    The advertisement I liked was #10. Zoo Bucuresti. This advertisement does a good job, it is convincing because when you first see it the lipstick catches your attention as you try to figure out what the shape symbolizes. It also persuades you to go visit the zoo to see the animals. It relates to the archetype of the lover and the caretaker since it makes you care for the bear and feel human love towards the innocence of the animals. This advertisement is directed towards families so they can go with their children and enjoy a day at the zoo.

  9. The ad i have chosen is the #26:Jeep. In this ad, they have used the explorer archetype. In this simple photograph of a wolf and a camel coming together to for a photo of a Jeep is expressing the fact that Jeep's are versatile. They are used outdoor for those who are looking for an adventure.
    ("The explorer is the simple desire to hit the open road and to be in the wild, wide-open spaces of nature to experience the joy of discovery" 72

    Diala Nimri

  10. Ariana Branson
    #2 Hospital Aleman

    This ad uses the caregiver archetype to portray the message of a successful healthcare plan. The stairwell is two different colors and it states that parents may tell there kids not to do something for their safety and yet they will often times ignore them. By using the caregiver archetype the healthcare plan adds value to their organization by showing the parents that they can help take care of their kids even when they don't listen.

  11. Melissa Sherman
    #21" Veja Sao Paulo

    Well done to the advertizer that came up with this ad design. By visually allowing people to see just how short their weekend is, in comparison to the other five days of the week, most likely people will react in a manner that is encouraging them to get out fast to make the most of their free time while it exists. This theory, would embody that of the explorer; which just wants to get out on the open road, and experience all that life has to offer.

  12. Joanna Marcial
    The third ad by Faber Castell shows a pair of white Adidas with bright markers on the bottom of page. I would consider this to use the explorer. It is good because it shows the different things you can do with the pens, markers or utensils. It shows that you can go beyond paper using these writing utensils. It was t put a pair of Adidas instead of paper.

  13. Hilda Nieblas

    The ad that was the most interesting is the one advertising legos. It was very clever how they used the a basic shape of 2 pieces of legos but when you look closely the shadow shows an airplain. This advertising uses the innocent because it is reaching to children and the parents so that they chose this toy for their children to be creative. It also incorporates the regular guy/girl because it is very basic. It is a simple presentation with nothing different. It also incorporated the creator because it encourages the person buying the legos to create and reach their full expressive potential.

  14. Zoo Bucuresti
    The lipstick kiss from the bear demonstrates The Lover, The Caregiver, and The Innocent. It is giving the message to love our zoo animals and help take care of them because they can be innocent and helpless at times especially if they got hurt in the wild and now are caged in a zoo.

  15. The advertisement I liked was # 3 by Faber Castell. This advertisement gives you an idea that with a blank canvas, like the shoes and permanent markers, there are endless possibilities for creativity. Thus it relates to the archetype the creator. Your artistic imagination comes out and allows the freedom to create or invent your own vision of art.

  16. 4. Lego
    I feel this ad appeals to two different archetypal figures. The Lego ad embodies the innocent as well as the explorer archetypal figures. The fact that the ad shows the imagination of a child making a plane gives the feel of the innocent archetype. This Lego plane shows the simple and innocent imagination of a child. The fact that the plane is shown not just as a Lego, but is the shadow of a real air plane this gives the feeling of the explorer archetypal figure. The explorer is looking for adventure and the plane and traveling is really the newest definition of exploration and adventure.

  17. Gonzalo Heredia

    The ad I choose is the advertisement for CNN. The ad demonstrates that they are up to date with all that is happening in the world and that nothing escapes them. The ad effectively uses a web to convey this message. This ad really appeals to the Sage. The Sage wants to use knowledge in order to have a better understanding of the world. Hence, CNN should your top source to acquire all the knowledge about the world .

  18. Cristina Elizondo

    The LEGO advertisement uses the archetypes of the creator, innocence, and the explorer. the creator is the idea of making something meaningful out of something as small as two lego blocks. the explorer is portrayed as the curiosity of a child, he/she can make anything out of what he/she has meaning that imagination can go far. The innocent is represented by the simplicity of imagination and by the attractive colors that legos comes in, appealing to imagination.

  19. Lauri Slocumb
    Google Ad #1

    Google is advertising that all life would be simpler and without chaos, if only we could Google it. Even losing your keys would be a simple solution of finding your keys by using Google’s search engine. Magician creates this illusion by using a set of over sized keys some what hiding on a coach. At the bottom of the page an empty Google search engine box creating a simple solution for the regular guy/gal.

  20. Faber Castell

    Faber Castell does a good job of using the archetype of creator.The white shoes represent a blank slate and an opportunity to express your artist ability. The person viewing this ad see's the markers as a means of expressing one self.
    Regina Gottwald

  21. I chose to analyze the Google advertisement. This one caught my eye because it was so personal for me and would probably relate to almost all humans universally as well. The ad shows a simple living room with a giant set of keys on the couch semi hidden behind a pillow. Google is trying communicate that they can make life easier. The magician and hero are two archetypes that this ad displays. According to Mark & Pearson (2001), “The Hero wants to make the world a better place” and google is expressing this in the ad by making easier for everyone (p.106). The magician archetype is also portrayed through the advertisement as well. The goal of the magician is to “make dreams come true” and they accomplish this by using their knowledge of the world and how it works to their benefit (Mark & Pearson, 2001, p.142). This is seen in the google ad again as they display a situation in which they are benefiting people by making life easier which can be interpreted as a dream come true to many.
    Nicole Lackey

  22. Calie

    The Jeep ad does a great job of supporting the Explorer and the Outlaw archetypes. Both archetypes are represented in the ad in the form of a wolf and a camel. When the two animals come together they form a Jeep. The wolf represents the outlaw while the camel represents the explorer. This ad is supposed to make a person think that in a Jeep they can explore their world and be a rebel by buying a Jeep. They ad did a good job in representing the Explorer and Outlaw archetypes in the ad by having a blue wolf and a golden camel come together to form the shape a Jeep with their mouths to entice people to buy a Jeep.

  23. Ashly Anfield
    In this Google ad,it uses the hero as its archetypal figure. In the ad it shows that people seem to lose their keys and it would make make their lives a lot easier if they could be made bigger. If would also save us a lot of time if we didnt have to search for our keys. Google is like the hero, when it comes to saving us and making our lives a lot easier by providing us with information, at the click of a finger. For example, google saves us a lot of time, by providing us with tons of information and all we have to do is type in a word that we are looking for.

  24. Baleria
    The add i choose was the Lego ad, it uses the creator archetype figure. In the ad it shoes that people with legos can create what they desire by connecting the Legos. It shows a great representation of what Legos are all about. The ability to create and use the imagination.

  25. Maricela I.

    The Google sign is a good a symbol because it shows the viewers that by using Google. It is an easier way to find what ever you are looking for. The archetype I would say it uses is the creator because by one can search anything they want using that website and at the same time be creative.