Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In-class post: March 2

Hello All,

For this post, critique a webpage associated with an instructor, a program, a department, or a club. Explain the webpage's strengths and weaknesses, and be sure to address whether or not the site uses archetypes effectively.


  1. Ashley Corvera
    Diala Nimri
    Marciela Isarraras
    We chose to critique the CSUB theater web page because it stood out the most from the previous few that we looked at. The color of the web page stands out, they used black and gold, which are two bold colors when they are used together. The web page grabs your attention with its simplicity and the active photos they used of people that are theatre majors. The active photos relate to the archetype of the creator because they can use self-expression in this major. Also, if you are looking for more information about the major there are several informative tabs located at the top of the web page. This web page is easy to use which relates to the archetypes of the regular girl/guy. Anyone can maneuver the web page. Anyone can join theatre, skills are not limited.

  2. Rogelio Alvarado
    Baleria Aguirre
    Regina Gottwald

    The math department web-page has a background that shows math problems and formulas integrated with the Roadrunner logo. It could use a little more color since the majority of the background is white. The web-page has a slide show of the science III building to guide the student to the correct place. It uses the archetypes of the sage and creator well by the use of the image of the building because it is linear, organized, math related, and modern. They need to use the archetype of the average guy and girl with pictures of students that are math majors. This would help students to identify with this department.

  3. The website we are critiquing is the website for the department of Art.One of their strengths is the use of pictures for their homepage. One of the pictures has a pencil and a pen pointing towards the viewer, which it makes it personal. Also they have their upcoming events, which allows one to know what is going on in the Art department. Their weakness is that since they are the art department, they should be more creative; adding colors and originality. Also, the page is plain, needing more illustration that will hook the viewer.
    Francisco Hernandez
    Chika Nwanonenyi
    Ashly Anfield

  4. Joanna
    Maria G.

    The web page we analyzed was Mr Woodmans home page. It evened out in strengths and weaknesses. What is needed for this web page is archetype of a jester, because it would go along with his personality. The color on the background could contrast the color of the picture. A more variety of color would help. It could use a brief biography of himself. This could be used as the sage, and he could talk about his educational experiences. The strengths of this paper is that he used the archetype of the explorer by putting a picture when he was a Red Canyon. Its great of information :)

  5. We chose the CAFS (stands for Child, Adolescent and Family Studies) department and agree that it does provide all the information necessary for the purpose of the program. We liked the image provided which changes every few seconds, but it’s the only picture. The pictures represent the archetypes of innocence and caregiver. The creator archetype is used by showing the school’s colors to create a sense of camaraderie. We think they could have used the archetype of the explorer since children are all about exploring. They could have also used a quote or phrase to attract people to joining the club.- Rosa, Lauri & Zully

  6. Patricia and Hilda
    Art Department

    The art department website is too simple. The pictures presented are too plain and too sophisticated for being an expressive department. There is not enough information on the links provided on the homepage.

  7. The Liberal Studies webpage, have started an interesting site, with great potential… in appealing the creator archetype. They have an image of the world, and great use of color, but the rest of the page is a big white, blah spot of nothing. The teachers that will be dealing with tomorrow’s students should have more things on this page to draw them in and appeal to their inner child. The use of the jester, or magician should be played up on this site… as well as the sage. The jester is playful and silly as well as colorful… historically. The magician, makes possible, of the seemingly impossible. Both of these archetypes, embody, a teacher. The sage is the knowledge that a teacher gains while in the school process, and then further knowledge gained after the start of their career.
    Melissa Sherman
    Thalia Rios
    Cristina Elizondo

  8. Stephanie Pickens
    Ariana Branson
    The Department of Financial Aid and scholarships does not do a good job of incorporating archetypes. There is one photo of student’s graduating, but it’s very small and doesn’t employ any really archetypes. They should use the sage archetype or every girl/every guy archetypes. There is too much information and the web page is over whelming. However the information is useful, but you need to be familiar with the page in order to navigate it. Poor use of color and layout the department could have used more colors and better fonts to help draw the viewer in.

  9. We chose the department of criminal justice webpage. A strength the page has is that the pictures used demonstrate law enforcement. The links on the webpage provide useful information for students. Some weaknesses are the pictures are too cluttered and too much information. The picture of the Supreme Court expresses the hero archetype. They should incorporate the outlaw archetype as well.

    Serena & Marco

  10. Amber Gilliam
    Calie Wright
    Gonzalo Heredia
    We chose Mr. Woodman's web page. He uses the explorer archetypes by posting a picture of himself in the middle of a path surrounded by rock formations. He posts office hours and location as well as the classes he is teaching.
    To improve his web page he could put more information about himself and possible careers for English Majors. He could use the creator, which would show his ability as a teacher to spark creativity in his students, and the caregiver, which would show what a caring teacher he is.