Monday, May 2, 2011

Post for May 4

Hello All,

One of the key components of Eliade's analysis is the idea of chaos and indeterminate unity: forms being broken and combined.

For this post, describe one costume you have worn--either for Halloween, a pageant, or for another important day-- in which you became two people.

For example, the last time I dressed up for Halloween, I painted my face to look like a skull. Apparently, because I am fairly tall and was dressed in black, it looked like a skull floating down the street, and I scared a couple of people by accident . . . I was both the living and the dead.


  1. Yadhira Moreno

    On my wedding day I was portraying the costume of a bride. I wore a beautiful white dress. The only day in where women wear white dresses is on their wedding day. :)

  2. The most recent costume where I Became two people is when I dressed as a "luchador" Wrestler. With the inspiration of the movie Nacho Libre, and help from my grandson, I tied a towel around my neck to represent the cape and put on a wrestling masks. I then became powerful and victorious as I plummeted my oponent into submission with moves such as; an elbow to the face, and chops to the neck and back. My grandson laughed so hard he almost peed in his pants; it is a memory we will never forget.

    Tony A.

  3. I have never dressed up as anyone or anything. I am just myself at all times.
    Jorge de Julian

  4. I used to be a cashier at a grocery store and every year the employees would dress up for Halloween. One year I dressed up as an army soldier and everything that I wore was camouflage; even my face was painted camouflage. The store’s motto is to always step out for service. Even though I wore my nametag, people did not think I was an employee and were frighten by me when I stepped out for service. People would not go to my register even though I was behind the counter. People that did come to my counter saluted me and some were showing their patriotic side while some seem bothered by my costume. A couple of people asked me if I had captured Osama bin Laden. I even had people stare at me at the gas station thinking I was a real soldier. I honestly had no idea that my costume would get many reactions from people. I was just trying to win the best costume from work. :)

  5. Last year for Halloween I dressed up as a pirate. I wasn't very scary so I didn't get to scare anyon. I felt good putting on a pirate costume because I was able to pretend I was a character I'm not use to being.

    Jose Bolanos

  6. A couple years ago I dressed up as Pocahontas for Halloween. I wore an Indian woman costume along with boots. I also wore my hair in braids and put on makeup to represent and Indian woman. When I wore this costume I felt very heroic just like Pocahontas. I also felt that I was able to express the beauty of a Native American woman. I was told by many that I had a great costume and that I did a good job representing Native Americans. It was a great experience to wear this costume and it felt great to represent a Native American woman.

    Maria Madera Herrera

  7. I dressed up as Lucy from the show " I Love Lucy", for a part in a play. I dyed my hair red, wore lots of bright red lipstick, an old fashioned blue dress with white polka-dots, with a red belt, and red pumps. It was about fifteen years ago and I had a lot of fun. It was an experience I will never forget.

    Lauri Slocumb

  8. One year I dressed up in the scream costume. It was fun scaring little kids.

    Shawnie Speer

  9. One year for Halloween I dressed up as the girl Samara from the movie The Ring. I chose her because I had long hair and just put it over my face like she did and wore a gown similar to the one she wore. While walking around people immediately knew what my costume was.

    Felicia Contreras

  10. In a theatre class I took a handful of quarters ago, I had to portray Mary Tilford, a mean little girl from the play, The Children's Hour. On the day my partner and I had to present our scene, we both had to dress the part. The main accessories I donned to help me get into character were a beret and a scarf tied around my neck. I was both an actor, as well as the character I portrayed.

    I think wearing a literal/figurative mask is quite fun sometimes. It allows us to get out of character for at least a little bit and experience things from a new perspective.

    -April Joy

  11. One year, for Halloween, I dressed as a deceased cheerleader. I wore white make-up to express a pale face,and black & green make-up around my eyes to express decay. In a way the costume I wore symbolized death; yet, I was still alive. I guess you could say I was also both the livng as well as the dead.

    ~Danielle Mabon


  12. It has been a long time since the last time I dressed up for Halloween. I believe that the last time I dressed up for Halloween was when I was in elementary school. I was dressed up as a princess, just as most of the girls around my school.

    -Janette Lopez

  13. One year for Halloween I tried dressing up like a bum and instead ended up looking like Robert Smith from The Cure. We laughed all night.
    Christine Hadwar

  14. One time for Halloween I dressed up like Michael Myers from the movie Halloween. I had a blast scaring adults and little kids. Scaring the adults and kids really made them think that I was the real person from the movie.
    Anthony Castro

  15. When I was in the fourth grade the Men in Black movie came out. Two of my friends and I decieded to be the Men in Black for halloween. We had the suits with the sunglasses. When we went tricker treating some people had thought we were the blues brothers.

    Adam Eaton

  16. Four years ago I helped out with a Christmas event in Los Angeles. I had to walk around dressed up as an elf.
    -Yoselin Ventura(:

  17. The last time I dressed up was on Holloween. The custome I choose was of Feonna from Shrek. It was alot of fun because I painted my face and arms green and I died my hair. That day was one of the funniest day I ever had. No one recognized me so I felt free to protray what I wanted it an ogre.
    -Lizeth Ramirez

  18. I once went to a party where the theme was "Masquerade". In other words guest had to wear mask all day throughout the party. The fun part about the party was when everyone at the party removed their mask at 12 am. By wearing this mask I was been secretive about my identity. It was like been two different persons.
    By Nancy Bejar

  19. My favorite Halloween costume I was was when I was 10 years old. I was Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. I got to carry around a little toy dog in a basket and wear bright, sparkly, red shoes. We even got to where our costumes to school.

    Jen Scarbrough

  20. I once wore a cheerleader outfit. I was always happy and cheerful. I got to carry my pop pops around and shout out cheers. This was ironic that typically Halloween is suppose to be scarey and I was wasn't.
    ~shyanna atkinson