Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunshine (for May 6)

Hello All,

Going back to the idea of celestial models, provide a brief description and analysis of one of the following names from Sunshine:

Icarus (the name of the ship)
Corazon (Cori)
Cassandra (Cassi)

Where does the name originate? What does it mean? Why does this character have this name?

This is the exception to one of my earlier rules: you may use Wikipedia to help you with this etymology (word history).


  1. According to my research:)the name "Cassandra" origin:Greek, its a female's name of course, and the name itself means inflaming men with love. I believe the character in the film has this name because from what I've seen I predict she has something for Capa. I mean, she was watching him sleep when he had that nightmare of some guy falling into the sun (not really sure if it was him in the dream but most likely).
    by Nancy Bejar

  2. According to Wikipedia, the name “Icarus” was used in Greek mythology. Icarus is the son of Daedalus, and his father built him wings that were made out of feathers and wax. Icarus attempted to escape from Crete by using his wings. His father instructed him not to fly too close to the sun. He did not listen to his father, and as a result, the wax melted and caused him to fall to his death. In the movie, the ship was named “Icarus” because it was sent to the sun. The ship failed its mission and was lost for several years.

  3. I have chosen the name Icarus, the name of the ship. The name Icarus originates from Greek Mythology.
    From Wikipedia: “In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus. The main story told about Icarus is his attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall to his death. The myth shares thematic similarities with that of Phaëton — both are usually taken as examples of hubris or failed ambition — and is often depicted in art.”
    The ship has this name because man is not supposed to fly too close to the sun, let alone to it. The ship’s mission is to deliver a payload to the sun and in order to do so, they must get close. Like Icarus from Greek mythology, the ship has limitations to getting to close to the sun; the one thing it is supposed to do.

    jen Scarbrough

  4. Yadhira Moreno

    I have chosen the name of Mace. In the movie he is an engineer. According to the website of "Kabalarinas" a male in which has the first name of Mace enjoys working at anything of a mechanical or technical nature, and believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. The website also contains more a more detail analysis of the name, Mace. I found this statement interesting considering the fact that Mace is an engineer in the movie.

  5. The word Capa/Kappa originates from the Greek word Kaph which is the 10 letter in the alphabet. Kappa is used in a couple of different ways: the word is often used to refer to members of a popular fraternity and interestingly enough, in psychology it represents a measure of diagnostic reliability.

    Kappa is the name of the Captain on Icarus II who oversees a crew (fraternity). His position as the Captain signifies that he is regarded as a reliable leader.
    Christine Hadwar

  6. According to Wikipedia,"Cassandra" is from the greek mythology. "Cassandra" means, apollo had granted her the gift of profhecy, but since she did not love him back, he had put a curse on her; so no one would ever believe her predictions. I do not know why this character has this name because I am not going to lie, but I was not in class to watch the movie, due to my son's doc. apt. but I am looking forward watching it on Monday.
    ~Shyanna Atkinson

  7. "Corazon" means heart in Spanish. Cori is the heart of the crew because she is humble.
    Jorge de Julian

  8. The name Corazon is a Spanish name meaning heart. In the movie I believe Corazon was in charge of keeping the plants alive to provide oxygen to the crew. This is a good name for this character because it relates to the meaning of a heart. The heart is the main organ in humans that pumps blood and oxygen throughout our body.

    Felicia Contreras

  9. Analysis of Capa/Kappa

    I too found that Kappa is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet, but I also found many different meanings of the name/word in other cultures:

    The word was first used to mean "hooded cloak" or "cape," and then later used to mean "chapel."

    The beaver spirit and lord of domesticity, labor, and preparation.

    Translates to "head."

    A Kappa in Japanese culture is an evil water spirit that likes the blood of humans, but can be easily consoled with a cucumber.

    The 10th star in a constellation.

    Out of all these different cultural interpretations of capa/kappa, I like the Latin meaning best: "hooded cloak or cape." Both the cloak and cape are meant to keep people warm when it is cold. Using this interpretation, Capa acts as a cloak for his crew. So far in the movie, the atmosphere within their space home is becoming chillier, figuratively speaking. People are no longer the warm-hearted individuals they started out as when the mission began. A couple people have died, one is on the verge of suicide and all is tense as they try to complete the mission without the loss of another crew member -- they are obviously on edge and there is no room for the warm comfort of light-hearted jokes to lighten the mood, etc... Given Capa's demeanor so far, I'd say he's very level-headed and may be the individual who keeps people in check in the future -- keeps the warmth alive with the crew. He told Cassi that he is not afraid, and that alone would instill a sense of hope. Given his statement, I would think Cassi could turn to him, should she ever need someone to quell her fears. As evidenced by Mace continually volunteering him, Capa always takes the challenge given him, which probably lessens the stress there would be if he opposed when no one else would volunteer either. I don't know if my explanation makes sense, but to sum it up...the fact that Capa is not afraid, that he is willing to take whatever is given him, and that he has the ability to weigh decisions rationally, to me symbolizes how like a cloak, he keeps the "bad stuff" from hitting the others. In other words, he keeps the chaos out.

    - April Joy Garcera

  10. The name I chose to analyze was Mace. According to the website Zelo, it means that it is a medieval weapon used by knights. There were numerous websites that referred to Mace as technical term. Online sources state that the character of Mace comes from a family with military background. I found this relevant to the information regarding the meaning of the name because it relates to knights and weapons. Mace has a strong personality and is a good representation of a knight.

    Maria Madera Herrera

  11. The name Cory is a name for both boys and girls. Since it can be written in different ways, the meaning varies depending in the way it is written. The name Cory comes from Germanic origins, which means God's peace. Since the character in the movie is a woman who is responsible of the garden in the spaceship, her name goes well with her. Since plants symbolize life and bring tranquility, then it is like God bringing peace to the ship through the garden and through Cory herself, in order for the astronauts to accomplish their mission.

    -Janette Lopez

  12. As stated in Wikipedia, Icarus was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus. His father made his son a pair of wings made out of wax and feathers. He warned his son not to get close to the sun or sea. However, because of Icarus curiosity, he flew near the sun which caused his wings to melt. Then he realized that his arms didn’t have feathers which caused his death. In the movie Sunshine Icarus is the name of the ship. I think the ship was name Icarus because the movie is about the sun which relates back to the story of Icarus in Greek mythology.
    -yoselin ventura

  13. The name Icarius comes from Greek Mythology. Accordin to the research I did in Wekepedia, Icarius was the son of a craftsman, whose name was Deaddalus. Deadalus built some wax wings for his son. Icarius used his wax wings to try to escape from Crete, and he got to close to the sun and his wings melted causing him to die. It relates to the movie "Sunshine" because the crew in the ship have a mission, to deliver a payload to the sun. However, they are not suppose get to close tothe sun; otherwise, the ship will get destroyed or burn.

    -Lizeth Ramirez-

  14. The word Capa/Kappa originates from the Greek word Kaph which is the 10th letter of the alphabet. The word Kappa is used in colleges and mostly identified with members of a fraternity. According to wikepedia it is also a term for the measure of diagnostic reliability.

    Kappa is the name of the Captain on Icarus II who oversees a crew which could be considered a fraternity. As Captain he is responsible for the success of the mission and therefore his crew views him as reliable.

    Tony A.

  15. According to Greek mythology Icarus is the son of a master craftsman Daedalus. In the story he tried to escape from Crete with wings his father built. Icarus flew too close to the Sun ignoring the instructions he was given and fell to his death.
    This is interesting because in the movie the ship is named Icarus and it became damaged because it got too close to the sun even though the ship was built with deflectors. At this part in the movie we only know that the ship will not be able to return so the question is will this ship reflect like the story of Icarus where he could have succeeded if he had just stayed the course or if the mission will fail because the choice to ignore the actual mission and improvise.
    Cody C.

  16. According to Wikipedia the name Icarus is the son of a master Craftsman Daedalus. His attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall to his death. In the movie the Icarus the ship was to deliver a payload to the sun.
    Anthony Castro

  17. The name Corazon is spanish for heart. The name Cori is derived from Greek language meaning maiden. The name Cori in the movie Sunshine relates to a female character. Her love for the garden makes her like the keeper of nature. Perserving life through nature. Life being the air need to survive while in outter space.

    Jose Bolanos