Friday, May 6, 2011


Eliade's archetype of the Eternal Return manifests through three stages:

1. Abolition of Past Time
2. Restoration of Primordial Chaos
3. Repetition of the Cosmogonic Act

1. In terms of Danny Boyle's Sunshine, Abolition of Past Time occurs through the flight itself. Because the Icarus is flying toward the sun, there is no night; there is only a constant day. Time, as such, has stopped; there is only this day, this now. This can be overwhelming, a frustration Mace expresses in his session with Dr. Searle: "It's the time."

3. Repetition of the Cosmogonic Act occurs when Capa triggers the payload and reignites the sun (or, as Eliade describes, "rekindles the fire"). In this case, Capa literally restores the center of all life, of the universe as we live it.

2. Your assignment is to describe moments that would relate to Restoration of Primordial Chaos. In other words, what symbolizes Chaos, Invasion of the Dead, Abolition of Norms/Overturning of Values, or Indeterminate Unity (Eliade has another category of Primordial Chaos--sexual excess--but that does not apply to our film).


  1. The section of the movie that symbolizes chaos is when the oxygen garden explodes. The garden and most of their oxygen is destroyed causing the crew to be upset.
    Another section in the movie that symbolizes chaos as well as invasion of the dead is when they board the other ship. One of characters says something like, "from ashes to ashes dust to dust, we are nothing more than dust we will return to dust." This signifies death and decomposition. This section of the movie also signifies the overturning of values because humans naturally want to preserve themselves; people do not want to die but one of them must sacrifice himself for the rest to make it.
    Katrina Gregory

  2. Yadhira Moreno

    The whole movie by it self symbolizes chaos because the sun is drying, and as a result it is always dark outside. Pinbacker also creates chaos in the ship because he wants to kill all of the crew members.

    The movie that I chose to analyze is, Alice in Wonderland :)

  3. Indeterminate unity occurs in the movie after discovering a signal from Icurus One where the members from Icurus Two are uncertain that there are any survivors. No unity and oppositions occur amongst the members because some members, such as Maze, are oppose to rescuing any stranded crew members from Icurus One.

    The movie I thinking of analyzing is Thor.

    Jose Bolanos

  4. The part of the movie that symbolizes chaos is when Pinbacker appears in the Icarius II. His goal is to stop the mission by killing the remaining crew members thus creating chaos. He comes close to succeeding if it not be for Capa’s ability to regain control of the ships mission. Pinbacker also symbolizes death and decomposition by his disfigurement features. His character represents darkness and void, much like the state of the earth without sunlight.
    His character is also an invasion of the dead because he was not considered to be alive. This part of the movie also signifies the overturning of values because Capa, although in a chaotic situation, remembers his purpose and triggers the payload and reignites the sun. In this case, Capa literally restores the center of all life. He restores the sun’s rays upon the earth, bringing life back to it. He realizes that in order to preserve humanity; one must sacrifice himself for the sake of the rest.
    A movie I would like to write about is Nacho Libre.

    Tony A.

  5. There are many parts that relates to Restoration of Primordial Chaos. On scene is when four of the crew members were discussing either to kill or not kill Trey to be able to be able to have a enough oxygen to complete the mission; this shows the overturning of values. An other moment would be when Pinbacker is killing the crew members in order to stop the mission of being complete, which creates a chaos.

    I might do my film analysis on Beauty and the Beast.

    Jacqueline Perez

  6. An episode of Chaos in the movie is when Captain Kaneda and Capa are working on the panels outside of the ship. The oxygen garden catches on fire triggering the computer to take over the ship and return the heat shield back to cover the living quarters. As the shield moves, the Captain orders Capa back into the ship leaving Kaneda exposed to the sunlight which vaporizes him.

    I am planning on doing my film analysis on the movie Step Brothers.
    Christine Hadwar

  7. One scene in the movie that cuases chaos is when the oxygen garden explodes. Because of this there wouldn'thave been a crew because of the loss of oxygen. Another scene is when the crew members are talking amongst eachother trying to decide if they should kill Trey. Finally, the part when Pinbacker arrives to try and stop the crew members mission. His character reminded me of Freddy Krueger due to his burned skin. They basically are the same character but in different movies.

    The movie I'm planning on analyzing is Apocalypto.

    Anthony Castro

  8. One section in the movie that symbolizes chaos as well as invasion of the dead is when Capa discovers the unknown fifth person (Pinbacker). Pinbacker tricks Capa by asking him is he an angel and if this is heaven. As soon as Capa gets close to him, Pinbacker stabs him. Pinbacker then attacks the rest of the crew and kills Corazon.

    The movie that I chose to analyze is Child’s Play.

  9. A scene in the movie that causes choas is when the garden explodes. The garden is on fire and the crew members decide to burn it all at onces with releasing oxygen. This causes chaose because the crew no longer have enough oxygen to finish their mission.

    The movie that I might analyze is 300.
    Jorge de Julian

  10. Pinbacker symbolizes an Invasion of the dead everyone assumed he was dead like the other crew members, but he was alive and wanted to sabotage the mission which created the chaos. When the team had a discussion on whether or not they should kill a member of the crew for the mission represented Overturning of Values, Cassi had a hard time accepting that in order to finish the mission they needed to kill one member.

    The movie I might analyze is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Felicia Contreras

  11. In the scene where the crew are deciding whether they should kill Trey to preserve their oxygen is chaotic. Another scene is when Pinbacker tries to kill everyone and destroy the mission.

    Shawnie Speer

  12. One section of the movie, Sunshine, that symbolyzed choas was Pinbacker. He reprsented dead for the crew members of the Icarus II. Pinbacker wanted to kill everyone aboard the ship to avoid the completion of the mission, but Capa, the hero of the movie, defeated him by completing the payload to the sun.

    The movie I'm planning on analyzing is Titanic.

    Lizeth Ramirez

  13. One section in the movie that depicts chaos is when Icarus II is detached from Icarus I while the crew is still aboard the Icarus I. The crew had to figure out how they would get back on the Icarus II and also determine which individual would get to wear the spacesuit and who would be left behind to open the hatch for the others.
    The movie I plan to analyze is Brother Bear.

    By Alessandra Hoyte

  14. A section in the movie that symbolizes chaos is when the crew finds out that they have enough Oxygen for four people. Thus, they are forced to make the decision to kill Trey in order to carry enough Oxygen to complete their mission. There was also chaos seen when Capa discovers Pinbacker on Icarus ll and Pinbacker attacks everyone on Icarus II.
    The film I chose to analyze is The Princess and the Frog.

    Maria Madera Herrera

  15. Like Tony, I also think that Pinbacker is the embodiment of the Restoration of Primordial Chaos. His past and that of Icarus I are completely chaotic. Icarus I was unable to complete the mission of reigniting the sun, resulting in the crew's decision to commit suicide. With Icarus II, everything seemed to be going just fine until they received a taste of that aforesaid chaos, once Pinbacker began his sabotage.

    I'm not sure if I would consider Pinbacker to be in the category of Invasion of the Dead, because techinically, he was alive, but the way Tony explains it makes sense...that Icarus II believed the entire crew of Icarus I to be dead, and so to them, seeing Pinbacker was sort of comparable to seeing a ghost or zombie.

    I'm thinking of choosing the film: Shutter Island

    - April Joy

  16. The part of the movie that represents chaos is when the oxygen garden explodes leaving them with a limited supply of oxygen. This creates chaoes because they have to decide if they should kill people in order to have sufficient oxygen to complete the mission.

    I think im going to chose the film: A Walk to Remember.

    Denise Sanchez

  17. The entire film in based on a chaotic situation, the burning out of the sun. One part in particular is when Mace and the crew members are on Icarus I and he finds that the first mission was sabatoshed. He was not expecting to find that the mission had been deliberately abandoned, or that the crew of Icarus I had committed a mass suicide.
    I am thinking about doing my paper on Steel Magnolias
    Jen Scarbrough

  18. The part in the movie that symbolizes the invasion of the dead is when Pinbacker returns to the Icarus II. Pinbacker died on the Icarus I but was turned into ashes. He appeared on the Icarus II and tried to stop the mission.

    The movie I am thinking about choosing is Megamind

    Adam Eaton

  19. A scene that demonstrates chaos would be when the oxygen garden burns up. This led members of the ship to decide which member shouldn‘t be breathing the air on the ship.

    I plan to analyze the movie Despicable me (2010)
    -yoselin ventura

  20. Restoration of Primordial Chaos: Since the movie was about a mission to save planet Earth in order for human beings to keep living, I believe chaos symbolizes the invasion of the dead. The characters in the movie are scared of not being able to complete the mission, which will cause the death of everything living on Earth. I also believe that chaos symbolizes death because the captain of Icarus I came back "from the dead" and told the crew from Icarus II that the strongest survives. Since he had spoken to God for many years, he said that he is the strongest one.

    -Janette Lopez

  21. The movie I plan to analyze is Beastly.

    -Janette Lopez

  22. The chaos I saw in the movie was the re-birth of the dead in the Captain of Icarus I (Pinbacker). He was thought to be dead and then we found out that he was alive. He was burned severely and did not look human. He believed that he had spoken with God and God did not want the Earth to be saved and that the human race must trancend into Stardust.

    I am going to write about Toy Story. The first one.


  23. This leads to a disorderly discussion about weather or not they should modify their course in order to check for life on Icarus I. Capa is nominated to make the decision and loses his serenity for a while. In the film, Capa is depicted as a hero in complete acceptance of his role of saving the world. Capa makes the choice rescuing Icarus I. Even if no one is still alive on the ship, it will give them an extra payload. This decision leads to Trey making changes to their course and the mistake which ultimately leads to the unexpected destruction of the oxygen garden. Trey is in constant turmoil and unrest because of his mistake. Part of the crew, after hearing the damage reports in the meeting, have their own meeting about how the facts were interpreted. It was reported there was not enough oxygen to complete the mission, therefore, it becomes necessary to reach Icarus I, but Corazon explains to her friends there is enough oxygen to complete the mission, but only if, there were three less people. Earlier in the film they were altering their course to intersect with Icarus I because there “might” be someone still alive on board, and it would give them an extra payload. Now that the mission and their lives are in jeopardy Corazon suggests an idea that would challenge the crew member’s values, morals, and principles an example of “Abolition of Norms/Overturning of Values”. Dr. Searle is obsessed with the sun and the amount of exposure he can have. Kaneda and Capa are fixing the heat shields when Cassie tells them to come back to the ship. Icarus has taken control of the ship and is going to rotate back into the sun’s rays. Kaneda orders Capa back to the ship while he stays to finish. Kaneda, knowing that he, himself, will be sacrificed for the singleness of purpose for this mission. The regeneration of the sun by creating a new star within a star is for all of mankind. Realizing in those last few moments, before he becomes “one” with all, during his life, self is not that important when compared to the whole of humanity. As Kaneda is burning in the flames, Searele is yelling, and asking questions about the sun and waiting for the answers.

    Lauri Slocumb

  24. The movie I plan to analyze is "3:10 to Yuma"

    Lauri Slocumb

  25. I agree with Yadhira, the whole movie itself symbolizes chaos. The mission to the sun, because the sun was dying. Also, the explosion of the oxygen garden, Pinbacker who tried stopping the mission, and the sacrife each member of the crew commited too.

    I'm planning to analyze "The Lion King."